December 9, 2013

DemoRama Live Rides Again!

Calling all singer/songwriters, up & coming artists and established artists! DemoRama LIVE wants you! With 2 DemoRama LIVE events under our belt, the CMAO are excited about the New Year with another 3 or 4 more coming to a town near you! We are still working on the dates, but here’s some info on where we’ll be each month: January will be in Tillsonburg (my back still hurts…) with sponsoring radio station Country 107, February in Barrie with sponsoring radio station KICX 106 featuring Special Guest & Expert Panellist Kate Todd (confirmed), and March in Owen Sound with sponsoring radio station Country 93. Details will be posted on our sites as they are confirmed. Our first event was hosted by the Free Times Café in […]
November 13, 2013

Message From The President

Dear members: We have some exciting news! The 2014 CMAO awards show tickets will be going on sale in early December 2013. Want to make a country music fan happy? Your gift-giving problem just got solved – get them awards show tickets! For 2014, we will return to the beautiful Markham Theatre, so put May 26th in your calendars. Last year, the show was a sell-out, so don’t miss out. Also, everyone should be on the lookout for the 2014 CMAO Awards eligibility criteria and nomination process, which will soon arrive in your inboxes. Keep your eye on your emails. The majority of our members will be receiving their membership renewal notices. I want to remind you that it is important you renew as soon […]
November 13, 2013

Michelle Wright Travels to Dominican Republic On a Mission for World Vision

by Michelle Wright The following is an open letter from multi-award winning, Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame member, (and CMAO member) Michelle Wright. Michelle writes of her recent experiences in the Dominican Republic while on a mission with World Vision: Forged in the Fire: As a woman living in North America, it seldom enters my mind that I can’t do something simply because I am a woman. True, even in 2013, women face different challenges than men do. Ask any single mom trying to raise children on a salary much lower than that of her male co-worker. You’ll get a pretty clear sense of what these challenges are. But such struggles have nothing to do with a woman’s gifts, talents, or inner strength. And […]
November 13, 2013

Country Music Loses Some Giants

Shelley Suzanne Snell was a beacon in the Canadian country music scene. Sadly, her bright light went out on October 8th. At only 51 years of age, Shelley succumbed to metastatic colon cancer at Sunnybrook Hospital. Although Shelley worked in all genres of music and for several companies along the way (mostly at Sony Music, but  also at BMG, Universal and the CHUM group), it was country music where  her real passion laid. Perhaps it was because she was raised on the east coast and attended many dances, ceilidhs and was born into a musical family, or perhaps because she just loved to dance. Shelley was passionate not only about the country acts she worked with in her many years in artist relations, but because […]
November 13, 2013

DemoRama Live Hits Hamilton

by Peter Linseman The second DemoRama LIVE event was held in Hamilton on November 2nd, at host venue Stonewalls Restaurant.  A great vibe, PA and lights set the stage for a very professional presentation. The panelists, performers and audience had their ears filled with great songs and everyone expressed how wonderful the experience was and how important these opportunities are. The winners of the “Best Of” DemoRama LIVE Showcase & Amsterdam Beer  Vouchers/Tour were Steve Rivers and Jesse Slack. They will join the 3  finalists – Allister Bradley, Roger Beckett and Shae Dupuy from the Toronto event to perform their showcases in the spring of 2014 with a chance to win the grand prize:  2014 CMAO Award Show VIP Package for two, which will include schmoozing […]
November 13, 2013

Ontario country artists: Write Your Way to The Top

by Stephanie Brooks Whether you’re a bar napkin scribbler, poetry dabbler, or award-winning professional staff writer at a publishing company, you know the trials of getting that tough lyric sequence down and recognize the tribulations of finding the right chord progression. There wouldn’t be songs if there wasn’t songwriting. Likewise, there wouldn’t be great songs without great songwriting. So, grab a pen and paper and jot some of these tips down and, while you’re at it, complete that half-finished song you’ve been meaning to! Inciting inspiration While for some artists and writers, simply having a looming deadline is enough inspiration to push out a song; others look to past experiences, stories, and the outside world for insight. For Cambridge natives and brother-sister duo The Reklaws, […]
November 13, 2013

How Do You See Yourself? excerpt from 'Winning the Music Game by Brian Allen'

The explorers, the chemists and the copycats: Most milestone trends in music history can be traced to 3 waves of development. The explorers are generally open minded free wheelers who aren’t organized enough to be great songwriters. They are experimenters who hack paths through virgin musical jungle with a machete. They are happy to develop a small but loyal cult following, and care little about commercial acceptance. Behind them come the chemists, who are skilled at song writing and creative interpretation, but lack innovation. They  incorporate what the explorer did, blend it skilfully with their song writing expertise, and are generally the most popular and successful examples of the new trend. Behind the chemists comes a wave of copiers. Most of us seem to have […]
November 13, 2013

David Leask CD Release Party by Henry Lees

Two-time International Songwriting Competition Winner David Leask will celebrate the release of his 4th full-length studio album “Underneath” on Sunday Nov. 17th, 2013. Co-produced by Leask and Juno-winning multi- instrumentalist, composer and producer Justin Abedin (Jacksoul, Justin  Hines), this collection marks Leask’s first full album release in over 8 years. “Underneath” ushers in a new artistic era for the multi-award winner who’s been compared to such master musical storytellers as John Prine and John Hiatt. Songwriters Magazine called Leask, “the most consistent Canadian songwriting competition winner.” Leask co-wrote 11 of the 13 tracks on the album, which was recorded in both Toronto and  Nashville, and mixed by Grammy winner Chad Carlson (Chris Isaak, Jewel, Roch Voisine). Since taking top honours on the BBC-televised National Rock School […]
November 13, 2013

Warm Coats Warm Hearts

Elyse Saunders is a talented artist and humanitarian who believes that music is a great way to bring people together for a greater cause. Throughout her past elementary and high school years, Elyse saw many kids come to school without proper winter clothing and how much it would affect them socially and physically. After researching further, Elyse discovered the foundation and the dire need for winter coats in many communities was confirmed. “Health experts report that even a 2- degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Adults cannot work effectively and  children find it difficult to learn. For most, a warm coat solves the problem and for those living in poverty, it’s a luxury item.” After researching […]