July 11, 2012

New Program for CMA Ontario Members

We at CMA Ontario are starting a new program featuring CMA Ontario members on our website. If you’re a member in good standing, please send us a picture and brief Bio at:
July 11, 2012

Country From The Hart

Ah, Summer! I was sitting on my deck, ignoring the humidity as I drank a cold beer from my Toronto Maple Leaf freezer mug while ‘creeping’ my peers on Facebook via my laptop when I started thinking! Usually not a good thing! What does Europe know that Canada doesn’t? Off the top of my head I know of two artists who get SQUAT support in their home country, yet have a following across the pond! Case in point, Dawson Reigns from Cambridge, Ontario! I’ve yet to hear ONE of his songs on the radio here, yet last summer “Someone Watching Over Me” climbed to #8 in Australia giving Dawson his SECOND Top 10 single there from his debut CD “Enjoy The Ride, a disc that […]