When you join or renew your membership with the CMAOntario, your membership will be valid for one year from the date of payment. We thank each of you for your support of the association and it’s initiatives - together, we help make Ontario country music matter.

CMAOntario Member Code of Conduct

The objective of the CMAOntario, through the leadership and experience of our Board of Directors, is to celebrate, foster and support the growth and development of Ontario’s country music community and all those associated with the Ontario country music infrastructure – provincially, nationally and internationally. To facilitate and maximize our goals and objectives, our members are strongly encouraged to commit to accepted ethical standards when interacting with, on behalf of, or in association with CMAOntario and its events, communications and social media platforms.

The CMAOntario has put into place a Member Code of Conduct to protect all members of the association.

This Member Code of Conduct document outlines the conduct expected of all members of the CMAOntario, irrespective of their membership type, the role they fulfill, or the jurisdiction in which they live or work.

This Code of Conduct will also be referred to by the Board of Directors if, and when, they must deliberate a conduct issue with respect to exercising Bylaw 4:5:2 regarding member expulsion.

The CMAOntario encourages all members to familiarize themselves with this Member Code of Conduct and adhere accordingly.

Members are advised to and expected to:

• Uphold the reputation, good standing and goodwill of the CMAOntario;
• Act with integrity and respect others;
• Respect and abide by the applicable laws, statutes and regulations and in general, those that apply to personal conduct;
• Become familiar with and respect the Bylaws of the CMAOntario;
• Act in the consideration of the general interest of CMAOntario and not use their membership status or privileges to unfairly benefit themselves or others;
• Not knowingly take any action that would constitute a contravention or conflict of interest with either the Bylaws or the annually posted CMAOntario Awards Rules and Regulations regarding nominations and/or voting, and reject and not make any offer of bribery or unethical inducement;
• Not make any statement on behalf of the CMAOntario purporting to represent the CMAOntario, through any public medium, including digital social media, unless authorized to do so by the CMAOntario;
• Not post any content or make any statements which could be construed as abusive or offensive through any publicly viewable media outlet associated with CMAOntario;
• Conduct any business with CMAOntario and its sponsors, partners, suppliers and affiliates with professionalism and respect.

Should a member fail to meet the conditions in this Code of Conduct, the Board of Directors of the CMAOntario may, after deliberation and at its sole discretion, decide an appropriate action to take, including, but not limited to, expulsion of a member as per Bylaw 4:5:2.

The Board of Directors of the CMAOntario reserves the right to update this Membership Code of Conduct.


There are three levels of membership in the CMAOntario.

The first is a "Fan Membership" for individuals who would like to support the association.

  The second is a “Single Membership” for individuals who join the association.

  The third is a “Corporate Membership” for a company/organization or band who registers 3 representatives as members of the CMAOntario.


Fan Membership – 1 year $ 20.00*

Single Membership – 1 year $ 50.00*

Corporate Membership – 1 year $125.00*

*Plus applicable service fees and taxes


The CMAOntario Membership period runs for one year from the date of renewal or sign up.


A Single Member who has purchased and holds a current, valid membership is entitled to one (1) vote per applicable CMAOntario Award category. Each colleague or bandmate who has been registered under a Corporate Membership is entitled to one (1) vote per applicable CMAOntario Award category. Fan memberships do not include voting privileges.


All members in good standing are eligible to vote on Association matters presented at the Annual General Meeting and have the right to cast one (1) vote per eligible position in the election of Directors. Fan memberships do not include voting privileges.

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