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March 8, 2023

In The Spotlight with Dave Woods: Angelica Appelman

Kitchener’s Angelica Appelman made her first appearance on the country music scene with the release of her song “Happy Place” just over a year ago and it was a great introduction to her! With a background in acting and having performed full band shows and songwriters’ events, she’s comfortable sharing her stories & songs in front of audiences and is a pro at being in front of the camera for her music videos. Angelica’s first released song reminds us all that we don’t have to travel far to find our own happy place. It’s usually where the people we love are. “My single, ‘Happy Place’, is a song that means so much to me, because it was my debut single, all about cherishing the simple […]
February 8, 2023

In The Spotlight with Dave Woods: Nicole Rayy

Over 40K social media followers can’t be wrong! They know that Nicole Rayy has been delivering solid singles & captivating music videos since her introduction on the Canadian Country Music scene in 2012. Her biggest singles include “All Woman”, “Broken Boys”, “Feels Like Yesterday”, “House Of Cards” & “Graveyard”. The numbers don’t lie – over 3 million catalogue streams to date, with her single “Feels Like Yesterday” garnering over 600K streams alone. A four-time CMAOntario nominee, Nicole has received praise from country music outlets like The Boot, Complete Country and Top Country while finding her music added to popular playlists like Spotify’s New Music Nashville, Women in Country, Live Country and Best Country Songs of 2021 as well as Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Country and Fresh […]
January 17, 2023

In The Spotlight with Dave Woods: Aj Astle of Roadhouse Productions

Several years ago, I began noticing that some of the best music videos for independent country artists in Ontario were being made by Roadhouse Productions. It’s certainly not a well kept secret. Their work is quite simply amazing and is extensive – and I wanted to know more about the company and about one of its owners Aj Astle. So it’s time to put Aj & Roadhouse Productions in the spotlight! Along with his music video career, Aj works with several artists playing bass. You can find him playing with artists Mackenzie Leigh Meyer, Elyse Saunders, Greg Williams, Brian John Harwood and a host of others. In 2022, Aj received his first nomination for CMAOntario Music Industry Person of the Year. I asked Aj how […]
December 21, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Dustin Bird

 Dave chats with Ontario’s Dustin Bird about his partnership earlier this year with award-winning Canadian film The Long Rider for the official music video of his single “Cowboy Stay”. On working with Dustin on this music video, The Long Rider director Sean Cisterna says: “Dustin Bird’s Cowboy Stay is the perfect musical companion to The Long Rider. Not only does his music fit the style and tone of our documentary, but the themes in his song are emotionally resonant to what Filipe experienced on his epic journey across the Americas.” Continuing to push boundaries within the country genre, the video follows Dustin’s powerful anthem for equality, “Hating On Love.” The track completes the trilogy story that Dustin has been unveiling with his recent releases. […]
November 9, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Tia McGraff

Port Rowan, Ontario’s Tia McGraff is a multi-talented, award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, author and podcast host. Along with her husband and co-writer Tommy Parham, the skilled songstress has been making impactful and thought-provoking art for well over a decade. Tia is a trailblazer in her genre, one’s whose efforts have made her a beloved figure on the international music scene. Her latest release is her EP called With Love which was released back on Sept 3rd and commemorates the passing of her beloved dog Jake.
October 12, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Angelica Appelman

Kitchener’s Angelica Appelman recently released her third single “U-Turn”. The song was written by Angelica along with David Madras. “I love the story we’re telling with ‘U-Turn’ because it feels like such a relatable topic that we hear so often with the current dating landscape. I think this song reminds us to keep hope because it just takes that one person to change your perspective,” says Angelica. “We wrote U-Turn last fall and it was after a summer I spent with someone who treated me so well and had really transformed my mindset on romantic relationships,” explains Angelica. “I wanted to write a song with a more positive outlook about being in the dating scene because I think it is a time where you can […]
September 6, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Shaylyn

Hamilton’s Shaylyn joins me on the podcast to chat about her music career, her love of traditional country music as well as her new single “Favourite Hello, Hardest Goodbye”. It’s the follow up release to her popular single “The Drink”. Shaylyn released her first album in 2017 titled Lovin’ The Legends which included the very first song she wrote, entitled “Nana’s Little Girl”, as a tribute to her supportive Nana. The great thing about Shaylyn’s shows is that she’s keeping country music’s past alive with the classic songs she covers. A modern girl with a traditional sound.
August 4, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright has just released not one, but two new singles recently: “Small Town” & “Heartbreak Song”. Both singles will be featured on her upcoming album Milestone which will feature an updated version of “Take It Like A Man” – her huge, signature hit released in the early 90s. Of the song “Small Town”, Michelle says: “It’s a song that I co-wrote with Rick Ferrell and up-and-coming Canadian singer/songwriter Danielle Bourjeaurd. It was our first time writing together, and as we were tossing around ideas, Danielle began to ask me questions about my career. It was fun to reminisce, and at one point, she said, “That’s what we need to write. We need to write your story.” At first, I wasn’t so sure if I […]
June 21, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Mike Whiteside

Ontario’s Mike Whiteside calls a Kenny Chesney concert in 2018 a defining moment in his life & music career. It was then that he decided he wanted to pursue a country music career. Believe it or not, the first time he ever performed on stage was at the Emerging Artists Showcase at the Boots & Hearts Festival just a few years ago. His debut single “3 AM” was written by Robyn Ottolini. Mike’s latest single is called “My Kind Of Paradise”.


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