January 15, 2013

Country From The Hart January, 2013

Happy New Year! Got to say I’ve got a good feeling about 2013. NHL hockey is back, the Blue Jays are an early World Series favourite, and some big things are brewing on the stove of your CMAO! It’s also a time where many of you are planning to take that step on the ladder of success. In a world of tight budgets and financial responsibility you will find yourself asking a ton of questions like: Should I make the drive to Sudbury to visit the radio station’s Music Director? Gas isn’t cheap and is it really worth it to make the trip only to have your record stay on the shelf? We’ve never said ‘no’ to anyone wanting to drop by, but we have […]
November 19, 2012

A Message From the President

Over the past month, the CMAO board has been hard at work trying to provide a better service to you the members. We have revamped the look of our website. Take a look and let us know what you think. Send your feedback to For those of you whose renewal dates are coming up, you will notice that we have sent our renewal requests in the mail. We are community (a country music community) and we require the support of everyone in this community. You might be wondering what’s in it for me, well in addition to some of the benefits that we are continuing to offer and enhance, you will be supporting your community. Having a strong community will provide opportunities to our […]
November 19, 2012

Coming May 27th… the First Annual CMAO Awards Show!

We hope that you are getting as excited as we are! We’ve been working hard over the last while to put together the first annual CMAO Awards for our members, which will be happening on May 27th, 2013, at Markham Theatre in Markham, Ontario. As a new organization we are constantly striving to provide strong benefits to our members and feel there is no better way to celebrate the individual accomplishments and diverse pool of talent that our members bring to the country music genre in our region and abroad, than with an awards show! The 1st CMAO Awards will be a special evening featuring live performances, special guests and the presentation of our inaugural awards. We have selected our nine nomination categories and eligibility […]
November 19, 2012

Behind the Board Cadence Grace

As we all know, luck is when “Preparation meets opportunity”. And our new addition to the board, Cadence Grace is a gal that makes her own luck. After working with us for only two months, we on the board feel that she’s destined for great things. She’s shown us her ability in web-site design, writing, poster and flyer production and a myriad of computer and graphic design skills. Plus she’s very adept at social media and event planning. But did we mention that as a youngster she was raised on and influenced by music of all kinds, and got into acting and musical theatre, doing a full run of Joseph at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto? Or that she was signed to a Management/Development deal […]
November 19, 2012

The Stella’s ‘Little Stella’s’ Head for TV Stardom

We in the country world, all know about Brad and Marylynne Stella from their CMT show, “The Stellas” and from hearing them on the radio with their hits, ‘In This House’ and ‘Riding In the Backseat’ and seeing them at the CCMA Awards this past September. Now their daughters, “The Stella Sisters” are heading toward stardom as well. Lennon and Maisy Stella (13 and 8 respectively) are portraying the daughters of a fading country star on ABC’s “Nashville” (airing in Canada on CTV). This hot hit show stars Connie Britton as Rayna, a country star who’s career is on the wane. Britton can also be seen on the show American Horror Story. The Stella family moved down to the capitol of country music back in 2009 […]
November 19, 2012

CMAO Holds Another Seminar & Demo-rama, this time in Ottawa!

Want to kick start your career in the country music business? If you’re a singer, a songwriter, a performer, a musician or involved in making and marketing music this event will be of interest of you. On Sunday November 25th the CMAO (Country Music Association of Ontario) along with Y101 and The University of Ottawa, School of Music are presenting a 3 part Seminar/Demo-rama. Our previous seminar panel discussions have covered, “Getting Your Foot In the Music Industry Door, Building Your Career Independently, Getting Noticed, Playing in the Big Sandbox” and More! Our full list of speakers is below, and the panel topics are: How To Turn On The Radio! starting at 10:00AM followed by, Getting Your Career Off the Ground! at 11:45AM. Each panel […]
November 19, 2012

Country from the Hart

“The views expressed here are those of Bill Harts’ and do not necessarily reflect those of the CMAO.” As you know, (or maybe you didn’t) I’m part of the Jenn & Big Country show on KIX 106 in Kitchener-Waterloo. We have a lot of fun; we don’t hide the fact that we love our beer, our country music, & pull NO punches! Whatever’s on our minds, we say it, and we want our listeners to know they have the same luxury. So when we heard that flats are becoming the fashionable thing and heels may be on their way out, we asked; what invention could you live without? Amongst the responses on our Facebook page was this; In all fairness I could live without Canadian […]
November 19, 2012


The BEST advice I could give for this upcoming holiday season? GO SEE JASON MCCOY’S  ‘THE PERFECT GIFT’ CHRISTMAS TOUR! Got a chance to check Jason’s performance at our recent Songs & Stories event for Kids Ability with Terri Clark (my girlfriend, go ahead ask her), Gord Bamford and Jamie Warren. I had no idea just how funny this guy was. Unscripted and off the cuff, he made the radio announcer in me jealous with the quick-on-the-draw comments. If this is a sign of what to expect in December, then I look forward to donning my gay apparel’! You know what I mean!!/artist/artist_shows/320468?class=next&page=2
November 19, 2012

The Sadies Tour Across Canada

Country Music Association of Ontario members The Sadies, have begun a cross Canada tour with legends Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Their association with Young goes back to 2010 when they recorded a cut with him on a tribute album to The Band produced by Garth Hudson. They play the Air Canada Center on Nov. 19th with added guests Los Lobos. The Sadies consist of twins Dallas and Travis Good on guitars, Mike Beltsky on drums and Sean Dean on upright bass.