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February 6, 2017
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February 6, 2017

Artist of the Month: Alessia Cohle

Alessia Cohle CMAO AOTM Feb 2017

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Mississauga’s Alessia Cohle has been putting in work – and it’s paying off!

The country songstress released her Talk To Me album in November 2016 and launched an East Coast tour on the strength of the first single, How Bad (track 1 on the album), before releasing the title track to radio in January 2017.

Cohle helps to reinforce the city-girls-singing-country world that we live in. Even though she’s not a farm girl, her voice sounds as country as you could hope for – or would expect to hear on country radio – and the songs that she’s putting together could just as easily have come from a girl that lived in a one-stoplight town. There’s a pop influence, but the twang that comes from both her voice and the music tell a country story. You’ll dig it.

In fact, Alessia’s voice was given a chance to shine in September 2016 at Canadian Country Music Week, as she performed with the house band on the stage at London’s Jack Daniels Kick Off Party. We saw her (and so did a lot of country music fans) on stage with the likes of Aaron Pritchett, Meghan Patrick and Petric, singing her heart out as the party music played into the night.

We know this: talent and work ethic go hand-in-hand in country music, and Alessia Cohle is showing everyone that she has both. Everything we’ve seen tells us that Alessia is willing to do what it takes to make her way in the country music world, and we’re sure there’s more to come.

In January of this year, Cohle captured more eyes and ears with the opportunity to open for CCMA winner Brett Kissel on his Ice, Snow & 30 Below tour. Cohle and Ben Hudson shared the opening duties in Guelph, ON. And then, Alessia followed it up with an appearance on CP24 Breakfast in Toronto. If we were to make a guess, we’d say there are more of those opportunities coming for this talented country singer from the city.

Want to know more about Alessia, and find out what’s coming next? Check out her website and social media channels to track upcoming shows and behind-the-scenes action!

Website: www.alessiacohle.com
Facebook: Alessia Cohle Music
Twitter: @alessiacmusic
Instagram: @alessiacohlemusic
YouTube: Alessia Cohle
iTunes: Alessia Cohle


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