Friday June 1, 2018 - Labatt Memorial Park

Ontario Artists Swing For The Fences

Game time: 6:00pm

See an entourage of country music artists take to the diamond to showcase their skills as they swing for the fences.

Make it a family affair. Enjoy a fun evening at the park rooting for your favourite artists and players.

Proceeds from the admission fee will go towards supporting Unison Benevolent Fund, Kidsport London and the CMAOntario.

Participating artists include:

Aaron Pritchett 150

Aaron Pritchett

AndrewHyatt 150

Andrew Hyatt

2018 Charity Softball Challenge

Ben Hudson

2018 Charity Softball Challenge

Brad James

2018 Charity Softball Challenge

Buck Twenty

Cold Creek County 150

Cold Creek County

Dani Strong 150

Dani Strong


Eric Ethridge

Genevieve Fisher 150

Genevieve Fisher


Jason Blaine

JasonMcCoy col 150

Jason McCoy

2018 Charity Softball Challenge

Kris Barclay

2018 Charity Softball Challenge

Leah Daniels

Meghan Patrick 2 150

Meghan Patrick

RiverTownSaints 150

River Town Saints

Abrams 150

The Abrams

The Reklaws 150

The Reklaws

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