Currently, Becoming A Member Provides A Number Of Benefits Including:

Submit And Vote In Awards
With a Regular or Corporate membership, you can submit and vote in our CMAO awards. Submit yourself for an award or support your peers or favourite artist by casting your vote in our award show.

Discounted Events & More
Regular and Corporate members can attend the majority of our seminars and events at a reduced price. We are also working on introducing additional benefits from outside sources to our members in the near future like Insurance.

Educational Opportunities
Through informative seminars and panels, as well as open mic events and annual 2-Day R2I Spring Tune Up Conference, the CMAO works hard to provide our members with tools that will help you develop yourself and your career in a positive way. You will get access to important information that will assist you with your career in country music with the majority of our event registration prices offered at a lower rate to members.

Performance/Showcase Opportunities
The CMAO prides itself on providing performance and showcasing opportunities to our members that will help develop their skills, fan base and experience. Our goal is to help move our members from the Provincial stage to the National stage and beyond. Opportunities in the past have included CMAO/CCMA Hamilton Showcase Stage, CMAO Awards, Demo Rama series, Lucknow Showcase Stage, CCMA Spotlight Showcase, CCMA Coast to Coast Showcase and More!

Networking Opportunities
Networking in any business is key, and our specially tailored events provide you with the opportunity to network with other members as well key industry individuals in comfortable and moderated settings. Play your songs for key players in the music scene, ask the burning questions you need to know, and develop your relationships with other artists, songwriters and producers in the industry.

Song Critiques
Opportunities for your songs to be critiqued by professionals in the music business at CMAO organized events like our Open mic and Demo-Rama’s are a great way to learn more about songwriting and to gain confidence performing original material. Since 2013, DemoRama ‘Live’ Series is held at various locations in search of new and undiscovered songwriting talent. Our Seminar Series regularly features a paneled DemoRama where industry experts listen to submitted recordings by participants and provide comments and critiques.

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