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May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017

Artist of the Month: Andrew Hyatt

From the mines of Nickel City to the big city stage, Andrew Hyatt has put in the work it takes to get country music fans to take notice.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen Sudbury born-and-raised Andrew Hyatt emerge as one of Ontario country’s rising stars. With stripped-down performances that showed off his songwriting skills and soul, and amped up rocking sets that dripped with sweat and put his heart squarely on his sleeve, country music fans have walked away wanting more and waiting for what’s… “next.”

As a singer/songwriter, Hyatt first showed us that he was an artist to watch. And his radio singles, Love Drunk and MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio) had Canadian country music fans singing along. More recently, as the rock-inspired shows have grabbed our attention, we’ve seen that Andrew Hyatt has the potential to play with the big boys of country music and entertain thousands at a time on huge festival stages.

Recently, we had the chance to see two of those rocking sets, with a full stage and full band, at Canadian Music Week 2017, and both of them left us excited for Andrew Hyatt and where he’s going to go… “next.”

That “next”, it turns out, as we get set for summer 2017, is the release of his debut full length album, Iron and Ashes. Pair that with summer live dates, and Andrew Hyatt is getting ready to introduce himself to a lot of people that may not know him yet. And we feel confident in telling you that all those people are going to be glad they’ve been introduced.

The first song from the new album, She Ain’t You, has already been sent out to the world. It’s a powerful piece of songwriting, and a track that easily sticks with you after the last notes have finished. The acoustic version of the song, showcased by CMT Canada with a One Shot video, has made waves online. And the live version of the song, with the full band, is every bit as powerful and emotional in a different but equally awesome way.

Comparing one artist to another isn’t always easy, or accurate, so we won’t do that. But there are pieces of what Andrew Hyatt does that we can try to describe to you. His energy levels are through the roof, his songwriting skills are widely respected for good reason, his voice (both live and in studio) connects with listeners, and his live performances are making waves and drawing in new fans every night. Truly, this small town kid from Northern Ontario continues to show that he’s ready for the spotlight.

Want to know more about Andrew Hyatt, and stay up to date with his new album, tour dates, and behind-the-scenes action? Check out his website and social media channels to track upcoming shows and more!

Facebook: AndrewHyattMusic
Twitter: @andrewhyattband
Instagram: @theandrewhyatt
YouTube: Andrew Hyatt
iTunes: Andrew Hyatt

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