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August 5, 2021
Patrice’s Pick: Lemon Cash
August 5, 2021

Canadian Country Artist Discovery: Gizelle de Guzman (NS)

Gizelle de Guzman’s tenacious sincerity and show-stopping voice has affirmed her place as a modern Country vanguard for the East Coast of Canada. Born in the Philippines, raised in Cremona Alberta and now native to Halifax Nova Scotia, this singer-songwriter has embraced these transitions to help her create her signature sound. Gizelle has been garnered the 2019 Bronze Winner for The Coast “Best New Artist/Band” and one of the top 14 finalists of The Shot: Remastered 2020. Her talent carries forward country-folk conventions of storytelling spiked with a fresh spirit of empowerment.

Gizelle continues to work to develop her radiant Country style which threads the needle between traditional heart and modern energy on an emotional bed of transparency. It’s clear to see that where Gizelle has come from to where she is heading, points to hints of the evolution heard in her latest single, “Almost Home”.

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Canadian Country Artist Discovery is a collaborative provincial music industry association program highlighting emerging Country artists across Canada.


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