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April 27, 2020
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May 31, 2020

Artist of the Month: River Town Saints

A lot of bands would not have made it through the changes and tragedy that River Town Saints have experienced, but the Arnprior-based country quintet has pushed forward.

With new lead singer Chase Kasner and bass player Joe Patrois joining the band for this chapter of their career, River Town Saints is ready for action, and they’ve made a strong start with their new single Slow Kiss.

The challenge of replacing a lead singer as well as dealing with the loss of bass player and dear friend, Dan Di Giacomo, is a lot to overcome. The fact that Jeremy, Jordan and Chris made the decision to keep the band together, rebuild and come back with more music to share with fans is a success story in itself and something we should all congratulate them for.

Yes, things are different now, but what remains the same is the vibe that the band brings to Canadian country music. They are still RTS and they are still great. Kasner fits really well with the boys and his vocals lead the way as River Town Saints make their return to the airwaves. Now we wait for more new music and the chance to see the band live up on stage.

Slow Kiss is at country radio now, which means fans can call, text, and tweet requests for their local stations to play it. The song is also available to stream anytime and anywhere on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and wherever you listen to great music. And since its release, it has racked up more than 60,000 spins on Spotify.

We reached out to Jeremy to ask what’s coming up for the band and he told us that there’s a plan for an EP to come out soon to help people as we deal with COVID-19. While it’s exciting to hear that there’s an EP coming, it’s also inspiring to see it happen at a time and for a reason that we can all appreciate.

There are moments in the life of every artist and band when the decision has to be made to call it a day or to move forward. River Town Saints decided to keep making music – that was a happy day for country fans.

Stay tuned!

Learn more about River Town Saints and stay up to date with their upcoming live shows, new music news, behind-the-scenes action, and more on their social media channels.

Website: www.rivertownsaints.com/
Facebook: /rivertownsaints
Twitter: @rivertownsaints
Instagram: @rivertownsaints
YouTube: /rivertownsaints

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