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December 17, 2021
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January 12, 2022

Artist of the Month: Nate Haller

If it looks like Nate Haller has too much to celebrate, well… that’s all his fault.

OK, let’s do a little inventory: Nate’s debut track, “Lightning in a Bottle”, released earlier this year, invaded the Top 10 at Canadian country radio; he was named as iHeart Radio’s Future Star; his current tracks have amassed over three million global streams; he was featured on Spotify’s RADAR program; then he signed a management deal with Starseed Entertainment (James Barker Band, The Reklaws, Jade Eagleson).

If we stopped there, wouldn’t that be more than enough to pop some champagne? You would think so, but the story gets deeper.

“Lightning in a Bottle,” was actually the #2 most added track in its week of release (week of 04.20.21) at Canadian Country radio and landed more radio playlist adds than big guns like Justin Bieber and country superstar Luke Bryan. So, Nate finds himself on the same stage as some of country’s best-known artists – most recently with The Reklaws.

So how does all this happen?

From a very young age, Nate immersed himself in country music. When we consider that this country music loyalty survived the push-pull of cultural change we all experienced in our teens, the word “commitment” comes to mind. It didn’t take much for the industry to notice he had something, because he found himself under the mentorship of Zubin Thakkar (MD for Shawn Mendes). Although he has a softer side that he can spill out in a heartbeat, Nate’s small-town-Ontario upbringing helped him develop a gritty sound and style with determination, edge and a refreshing enthusiasm. This is underscored with the digital release of “Grew Up On” – a track that brings his farming background to life.

Nate’s latest mission to conquer the world is his new single, “Somewhere To Drink”, featuring the Reklaws and… wait for it… Brett Kissel! As of writing this article, that song is climbing through the national Top 30 at Canadian country radio. All this activity has served to land this guy a lot more work – he’s got a massive list of upcoming shows that will give you the chance to catch him somewhere near you (if this pandemic doesn’t spoil the party again).

Try to keep up with Nate at:

Website: https://www.natehaller.com/
Touring: https://www.natehaller.com/shows
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imthehaller/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@imthehaller
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imthehaller
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imthehaller

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