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Artist of the Month: Danielle Todd

With a new single, a thirst for success, and a passion for country music, Danielle Todd is putting together the start of a big year in 2019.

The Guelph, ON, native’s first single, Crazy, has been picking up love and support from radio, online outlets and fans since its late January release. On Spotify and YouTube, the streaming numbers are climbing, and 50,000 plays is just around the corner.

And with one listen, it’s clear that we want more from Danielle Todd.

Crazy is a catchy track that shows off her voice and has some fun with that helpless feeling of falling in love that we know so well in country songs. And to top it all off, it’s the kind of song that you know you’re going to tap your toes to and end up singing along with… when you aren’t even thinking about it. Be ready for that!

With country influences like Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame member Michelle Wright, to go along with pop influences, including Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Danielle Todd has a lot to draw from. Add in her own touches and life experience, and it’s easy to see that she’s got a lot to bring into her career as it moves forward.

On her website, Danielle talks about playing shows and sharing her songs in Nashville. She says, “It’s not unusual for me to gig five to seven days a week, and it’s not unusual for me to play 14 days in a row if I get asked to pick up some last-minute shows.” She adds: “On Broadway, every single bar has three or more floors and every floor has a band, and there are four shifts, seven days a week, on every floor. And it never stops.”. That dedication to her work, and a commitment to her craft are what will push Danielle Todd further and higher in her country music career.

That same work ethic can be seen in her recent radio tour, where she’s made stops all over the province, done interviews to share her story, and put a spotlight on Crazy.

Learn more about Danielle Todd and stay up to date with her upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes action, and more, on her website and social media channels!

Website: danielletoddmusic.ca
Facebook: danielletoddmusic
Twitter: @danielle_todd
Instagram: @danille_todd
YouTube: Danielle Todd

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