Artist of the Month: Jason Blaine
February 7, 2022
CMAOntario Awards to go Live and Loud in London with 10th Anniversary Celebration
February 14, 2022

Black River Remedy

Black River Remedy. The recipe for a foot stompin’, beer drinkin’, whiskey shootin’ good time. Blend two parts southern rock with a touch of old school country. Add just a dash of snake oil & a little bit of rock n roll, shake and serve over ice in your favourite jam jar. Black River Remedy has been known to cure those lonesome blues & put the spring back in your step. The sun is sitting low & the shadows grow longer as night falls. That means it’s the right time to round up the posse and gather the kin for a back porch style party. Get down, get loud, be proud and grab yourself a healthy dose of that good ol’ Black River Remedy.


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