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August 5, 2021
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September 5, 2021

Artist of the Month: Smoke & Ashes

Sometimes things come together really fast and you can’t stop them once they start rolling, and that’s the story of Smoke & Ashes in a nutshell.

The new Canadian country music duo describes their coming together as a match thrown on gasoline, ever since their first songwriting session in April 2021. Now, just a few months later, the pair have released their first single, High On Sunday, and are preparing to release their debut EP later this year.

Smoke & Ashes is the partnership of industry veteran (musician, singer, writer, producer, and more) Pete Lesperance and the 2020 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards’ Rising Star winner, singer-songwriter Aaron Allen.

If High On Sunday is a taste of what we’re going to get on the upcoming EP, Smoke & Ashes are ready to deliver songs that country music fans can sing along to, have some fun with, and most importantly, hit play and enjoy along with the rest of their playlist favourites.

Some people just click, some artists do too. And if you’re looking for proof that those connections still happen today like they have in the past, Smoke & Ashes are happy to give it to you.

Go stream High On Sunday today, follow the duo for more, and enjoy.

Learn more about Smoke & Ashes, and stay up to date with new music, their schedule, behind-the-scenes action, and more on their website and social media channels!

Website: www.smokeandashesmusic.com
Facebook: SmokeAndAshesMusic
Instagram: @smokeandashesmusic

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