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October 13, 2021
In The News (November 2021)
November 9, 2021

Artist of the Month: New Moon Junction

What happens when three experienced country music voices come together to try a new vibe and sound? New Moon Junction happens.

Barb Doran, Tamara Maddalen and Matt Rogers came together to create the new country music trio, offering something new to fans and listeners who may have already known them on their own. And that was intentional.

 “That was the idea right from the start. Typically, my music is quite serious – even depressing at times – but the great thing about the three of us together is that we very much focus on being positive and upbeat.” said Doran about the group’s sound and mission statement.

In 2021 (so far) the trio has released their first 2 singles. Real Good Kinda Thing came first in February, and The Other Side Of Goodbye dropped in August, giving New Moon Junction their first summer single as a collective.

The voices of Doran, Maddalen, and Rogers come together smoothly, offering the kind of co-ed combo that we got from early Sugarland. The harmonies are lovely. The songwriting experience of the group is evident. And the production work of award-winning producer Jeff Dalziel is a perfect fit with New Moon Junction on Real Good Kinda Thing.

On The Other Side Of Goodbye, we get just enough difference in arrangement and presentation to let us know that New Moon Junction isn’t going to get stale. They’re able to take turns in the lead spot, explore different looks and feels, and still hold the same vibe as a trio.

It’s a really good start for a new band.

One thing we know for sure is that New Moon Junction isn’t done with 2021 yet!

Recently on social media, the group teased an announcement for early December with a Save The Date request for fans. And then, a few days later, they posted photos from a new songwriting session together, which will hopefully lead to more new music in 2022.

In a year of uncertainty, New Moon Junction came together and introduced themselves to country music fans in Ontario and beyond. And we’ll be here ready for them to keep going and share more with us all.

Learn more about New Moon Junction, and stay up to date with new music, their schedule, behind-the-scenes action, and more on their website and social media channels!

Website: www.newmoonjunction.com
Facebook: New Moon Junction
Instagram: @newmoonjunctionmusic
Twitter: @junction_new
Youtube: New Moon Junction

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