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May 12, 2021
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Artist of the Month: Les Rats d’Swompe

Winners of the Country Music Association of Ontario’s 2020 Francophone Artist or Group of the Year award and nominees again in 2021, Les Rats d’Swompe continue to grow, both as a band and within the music community.

From folk and traditionally inspired tracks to uptempo bangers that will make you want to dance in your kitchen (and have fantastic Great Big Sea type vibes) Les Rats are versatile in their sounds, and ready to capture your attention, even if you don’t consider yourself fluent in French. The sound is full, fun, and all the pieces fit together like they were meant to be there. There is no language barrier in that – the music is its own language.

The Ottawa-based band has released albums (La légende de Jos Grandbois and Vivre en ville) and singles in their career, with Icitte à soir coming last summer as their most recent. And, if there’s more to come that gives us the same exciting listening experience, we’re in.

Like all bands right now, Les Rats d’Swompe are waiting to get back on the road to play. And if they are able to replicate the schedule that had them play more than 130 shows back in 2019, they’ll be busy – and fans will be in for a treat. No doubt about it. And while we haven’t seen them live (yet) we are looking forward to it – especially if they bring the same energy to the stage that we feel when we listen at home.

As we wait for the 2021 CMAOntario Awards, and new music from Les Rats d’Swompe, we’ll be listening and watching and waiting to see what the band has in store for us all.

Learn more about Les Rats d’Swompe, and stay up to date with new music, their schedule, behind-the-scenes action, and more on their website and social media channels!

Bon travail les gars. Félicitations pour votre succès continu.

Website: www.lesrats.ca/
Facebook: Les.Rats.Officiel/
Instagram: @les.rats.officiel/
YouTube: Les.Rats.Officiel

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