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December 6, 2016
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December 7, 2016

Artist of the Month: Kelly Prescott

Country from the cradle, Kelly Prescott was born to sing country music. As a third generation singer/songwriter, music is genuinely in her blood.

With the release of her 2016 EP, Hillbilly Jewels, the Ottawa Valley songstress has allowed the country music community to get a closer look at what makes her tick. And after listening to the five song collection, it becomes quite clear that Prescott has made the right decision in following her musical path.

With previous albums and recognition, including writing, producing and recording Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official 2015 campaign song with her brother Kaylen, Kelly Prescott isn’t new to performing – but she also isn’t at the point where she’s ready to kick back and relax.

A busy stretch on the CP Holiday Train has helped bring Prescott’s 2016 to a close. With 72 stops between Quebec and Saskatchewan before slowing down the live dates for the holiday season, Kelly has shown that she’s not afraid of the Canadian winter or playing for as many faces as possible!

Before Kelly Prescott does slow things down for the holidays though, she’ll be in Toronto at The Dakota Tavern on Wednesday, December 21 for a Hillbilly Jewels release party. If you are in the area, looking for a great place to have a cold drink and listen to some music, we recommend you find your way to The Dakota to check out the show. We’re sure you’ll get to hear Grin And Wear It, Losing My Hometown, Battle Road, Coming Home To You, the title track Hillbilly Jewels and more. And maybe, if we’re lucky, Kelly will share some holiday favourites for the crowd as well.

If 2016 is any indication, 2017 should be a busy and bustling year. And if country music fans in Ontario and beyond are looking for new music to listen to on their playlists, adding Kelly Prescott is a great start as the calendar flips to the new year.

To learn more about Kelly, keep track of her upcoming tour dates, and see photos from behind the scenes, make sure to follow her through her social media channels and visit her website!

Website: kellyprescottmusic.com
Facebook: KellyPrescottMusic
Twitter: @KPrescottMusic
Instagram: @kellyprescottmusic 

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