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Artist of the Month: Jaclyn Kenyon

Jaclyn Kenyon doesn’t fit in any traditional musical box. She’s a lot of country and a little rock and roll, and it all comes together in a personal fit for her.

From an early age, Jaclyn has been performing and earning attention and praise. At just 12 years old, she became the youngest artist to perform in the all-female Canadian showcase, Honey Jam. And she hasn’t stopped since!

The Burlington, Ontario native has released a string of singles over the last two years, most recently, Me & Tennessee. It’s a heartbreaker with a strong vocal performance that feels vulnerable, honest and real. And, with a music video that accompanies it perfectly and adds to the storytelling of it all, Jaclyn hits us hard.

In 2019, Jaclyn received high praise and endorsement when the music video for When We Love was featured on CMT.com. It’s the kind of recognition that any young artist would be happy to have. And if we were the betting kind, we’d say there’s more recognition like that coming as she releases more music and expands her career.

With more than 100,000 views on her YouTube videos now, plus a growing number of streams that includes almost 100,000 on Mama Said (2019) and another 75,000+ on It Doesn’t Hurt (2020), it’s easy to see that Jaclyn is already attracting eyes and ears, and picking up steam.

Jaclyn’s stated goal is to “Inspire lives, touch hearts and give back through the gift of music”, and for any young artist to look at her music and opportunity in that way is special. We love to see it, and we hope that she is able to continue to do that as she moves forward.

Jaclyn says there’s more new music on the way, which is always an exciting thing to hear, and especially from a young emerging artist that is looking to make her mark.

Stay up to date with Jaclyn Kenyon’s new music news, behind-the-scenes action, photos, videos, upcoming schedule, and more, on her website and social media channels!

Website: www.jaclynkenyon.com
Facebook: JaclynKenyonMusic
Instagram: @jaclynkenyonmusic
Twitter: @jaclynkenyon
YouTube: jaclynkenyn

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