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May 31, 2020
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June 30, 2020

Artist of the Month: Emily Clair

Ajax, Ontario, native Emily Clair has been in love with music since she was singing herself to sleep as a toddler. And after years of lessons and love, she’s now making her mark on the Canadian country music scene.

In 2019, Emily released two singles: Me Or The Whiskey and The Sobering Truth. Me Or The Whiskey made its way to SiriusXM’s CBC Country channel, and The Sobering Truth climbed into the Top 40 at SiriusXM radio shortly after it was released.

Since then, Emily has told fans that she’s working on an EP and even shared a clip of the demo version of a song called Forget About Me that she hopes to include on it. She’s also said that the plan for the EP is to “bring back a more traditional, sultry sound to the mainstream country music scene.” After hearing her previous releases and the tease of Forget About Me, we’re stoked to hear more.

As we’ve all been cooped up indoors, missing live music and the special moments that artists are able to share with us, Emily has taken to Instagram to provide some of that for her fans. With covers of John Prine’s Angel From Montgomery, Rihanna’s Stay, Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and more, she’s shown her ability to slide into any song, delivering vocals and feelings as if those tunes were her own.

Emily Clair has also been busy working with other women on the Canadian country music scene as a founding partner in the Songbird Series. With a focus on Empowering Women In Country Music, the writer’s round has put a spotlight on artists like Elyse Saunders, Sacha, Dani Strong, Kendra Kay, Shae Dupuy and more. It’s wonderful to see these women celebrated for their talent, recordings and accomplishments, and we tip our collective hat to Emily for her involvement.

As we approach the second anniversary of her debut single, Running On Empty, we know that there’s a lot more coming from the emerging Toronto area artist. Keep an eye on her and stay tuned!

Learn more about Emily Clair and stay up to date with her new music news, behind-the-scenes action, upcoming show schedule, and more on her social media channels.

Website: https://emilyclair.ca/
Facebook: /emilyclairmusic
Twitter: @EmilyClairMusic
Instagram: @emilyclairmusic
YouTube: Emily Clair

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