Artist of the Month: Brian John Harwood
August 11, 2023
Shaelee Sheppard
August 26, 2023

Shaelee Sheppard

I fist started music in 2015 after a trip to Nashville with my family. Since then I have also picked up guitar and started to write and perform where ever I could.
In 2018 I won Bay Fest has Talent in Port Rowan for playing my fiddle. Shortly after that I started to perform on my own with my guitar in hand doing some country cover songs. In January 2021 I released my first single called Just All Right to all music platforms. I wrote this song to help bring awareness to mental health and currently in studio recording “That Truck Song” as every country musician has a truck song this one will be mine. It’s about my dads 89 Ford Ranger. March of 2021 I was 1 of 12 to participate in the Blue Bird Cafe out of Nashville’s virtual open mic. I have also performed at the St. George Apple Fest, Otterville Optimist Volunteer Fire Fighter Association Wing Night to name a few of the bigger events. I have done a lot of smaller events in clouding some busking and travelling to Ottawa for a couple of Open Mic’s there.
One of my most memorable busking gig was at the Norfolk County Fair in 2021 when James Barker was there and asked me if we could do a song together.


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