Amanda Jordan
February 17, 2023
Brian Tremblay
February 20, 2023

Sam Davs

Sam Davs is a multi-talented Canadian songwriter, artist & producer who has been working in the country music scene for over 5 years.

With a background in songwriting, music business & audio production, she fearlessly paves a new way in the country music scene by trying to capture and mesh the essence of folklore, and country influences into every song she creates. With music she likes to call Spookytonk or Witch Country, this unique sound is quickly putting her at the forefront of the country indie scene as the go-to for anyone who wants to tell a story with darker imagery and a sassy tone.

Having written well over 200+ songs, Davs’ most notable accomplishment is her recent songwriting cut with country artist Nicole Rayy and her song Graveyard. In a short time it has amassed close to 300,000 accumulative streams, 50k views on the music video and has seen much success with radio & on TikTok. It peaked at #56 on the iTunes Charts and landed many playlists across all streaming platforms including Amazon editorials “Brand New Music” & “Breakthrough Country.”

Sam’s songwriting have been mentioned in many country press outlets such as Taste of Country, Canadian Beats, & the Country Music Association of Ontario. When it comes to performing, Sam has played shows such as the HOPE volleyball festival in Ottawa, All Woman Music showcases in Toronto & most notably during the 2022 CCMA week in Calgary, ON.

In February 2023, Sam released her sassy country-rock debut single “Wish You Were Hotter,” which peaked at #44 on the iTunes Country Charts and has seen great reception from fans and industry, being added to dozens of playlists, 5,000 accumulative streams within the first two weeks and landing her recognition as “One to Watch” on Studio B With Sarah Scott and “Fresh Face Friday” by C to C Country Music Insider.

Davs and her cosmic coven looks forward to entering the “Hotter” era and the release of many more songwriting cuts in 2023!


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