In The News (July 2019)
July 29, 2019
Ontario’s Country Music Pioneers: Terry Parker
July 29, 2019

Patrice’s Pick: Gentlemen of the Woods

This month, our feature video from Patrice Whiffen at Country Music Junkies profiles Canadian country music band, Gentlemen of the Woods!

Mario from Gentlemen of the Woods talks about the band’s start in country music, and the story behind their unique name. He also talks about their sophomore album, ‘This Great Unknown,’ and what stories fans can expect to hear on the 11-track project.

For more information about Gentlemen of the Woods, click here:

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Listen to the exclusive interview with Mario from Gentlemen of the Woods below:

About Patrice: To Patrice Whiffen, country music is a lifestyle. As the appropriately deemed, “Country Music Junkie,” she strives to share her passion for country music with the world. As a radio broadcaster with an inside view of the world of country music, Patrice currently works with radio stations across Ontario to bring listeners the newest of new country music. You can find out more about Patrice and check out her great country music website at


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