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September 19, 2017
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September 19, 2017

Partner Spotlight: MusicOntario

What is MusicOntario?

Launched in 2012, MusicOntario is a non-profit, membership-based Music Industry Association (MIA), representing Ontario’s independent artists and businesses. As a division of the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), our mission is to provide professional development, services and support to the independent music industry in Ontario.

What do we do?

MusicOntario curates programs, events and initiatives that assist in nurturing, promoting, and sustaining growth within the provincial music sector. We do this by both creating accessible opportunities for emerging local talent and professionals, and connecting them to Ontario’s existing industry infrastructures, festivals and organizations within Ontario’s communities.

From 2015-2017, MusicOntario delivered over 108 events (and counting), ranging from workshops, panels, b2b and peer mentorship sessions, to showcases, domestic and international market access, networking mixers, and intensive camps, all in the form of subsidized or free programming.

Who can participate?

Over 14,000 artists, emerging and established industry professionals, stakeholders and music fans have participated in MusicOntario events over the last two years, in 27 cities, across seven provinces/states, and in seven countries!

That means that we welcome artists and industry at any stage of their careers across the spectrum of genres: Country, Indie, Rock, Pop, Folk, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Indigenous, Blues, Hard Rock, World, Latin, etc.

Through panels, workshops, showcases, networking, mentorship, advocacy, resources, and community outreach, we want to work with you to build every corner of Ontario’s vibrant music scene!

Where can I find MusicOntario events?

MusicOntario develops its own programming across the province, and also partners with festivals, conferences and other organizations around the world to deliver a variety of opportunities. Visit to see what’s on the calendar!

Why should you become a member?

We are stronger together as a united voice! As a MusicOntario member, you will be the first to access new programs, discounts, workshops, panels, networking and showcasing opportunities. By joining our community, you help us better understand, advocate for, and address your needs as artists and entrepreneurs.

MusicOntario is actively working to bridge communities and genres across the province, so that we can all grow together. Your individual voices are essential to achieving this connectivity!

For a consultation on how you can get involved with MusicOntario and start applying our programs to your career — get in touch! Whether you’re looking for 101-201 level resources and info, or you’re ready to showcase domestically and export internationally, we can help:

Emy Stantcheva
416-485-3152, ext 226

Sam Rayner
Membership Services Coordinator
CIMA & MusicOntario
416-485-3152, ext. 224


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