2023 CMAOntario Awards: Winners Announced!
June 5, 2023
In The News (June 2023)
June 12, 2023

Mike Chianelli

Mike Chianelli is a Neo-traditional country singer, songwriter from the rural town of Sutton West, Ontario. Who is taking his deep love for nostalgia and the best classics country music has to offer, and mixing that with lyrics inspired by his everyday life working in the trades, while chasing his musical dreams through bars, concert halls, festivals and down any other roads it may lead him. Family, old friends and local legends come alive through his storytelling with a promise to keep they’re history living on as long as he can, while also standing by a commitment to keep the roots of country music within close reach of every song. Simple straight shooting country music with nothing to hide and only truth to tell are his passion and where his heart lives. Check out Mike’s Debut Single Guitar Case where he tells his own story while also trying to share a different perspective on everyday folks and like you and I who are working through life and it’s struggles one day at a time just trying to leave behind a legacy of their own.


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