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March 9, 2017
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April 12, 2017

Artist of the Month: Krista Earle

(photo credit: Nick Wong Photography)

Singer, songwriter & performer Krista Earle checks off all three boxes as she continues to push forward in her country music career.

With multiple Country Music Association of Ontario award nominations (Female Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Single of the Year and Rising Star) Krista has become an Ontario mainstay, playing shows for crowds all over the province and continuing to write new music that explores her own personality and what she loves most about country music. In fact, a quick look at Krista’s social media channels will show you that there’s new music coming in 2017.

And 2017 might just be the perfect time for Krista’s philosophy and music. Quoted in the past as saying, “Music and songwriting has the power to inspire people, and I hope it can be a reminder to people to focus less on what may separate us, and focus more on what brings us together…”, it certainly seems that the division we’re seeing these days could use some more inspiration and togetherness. And, if Krista Earle wants to bring that to country music fans, we’re in.

As a singer, it’s clear to hear that Earle picked the right lane in choosing country music. Her voice shines on tracks like Just People, I’m Done and her debut single, 2011’s Bad Hair Day. There’s a clear ring of country from the microphone as she works through songs that fit the genre, and there’s enough sweet and enough strength to convince us that she’s capable of slowing things down or pushing the envelope whenever she chooses to.

And if you’re looking for an indication of the versatility Krista Earle brings to the table, we’d invite you to check out her cover of Meghan Trainor’s Like I’m Going To Lose You. You may have heard it as a pop song before, but watch the official music video and listen to Krista bring her version to your ears for a new spin on things.

We don’t know exactly what’s coming next, or what the future holds for Krista Earle, but if the work she’s put in so far is any clue, we’re all in for a good time.

Want to know more about Krista Earle, and find out what’s coming next? Check out her website and social media channels to track upcoming shows and behind-the-scenes action!

Facebook: Krista Earle
Twitter: @kristaearle
Instagram: @kristaearle
YouTube: Krista Earle
iTunes: Krista Earle

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