Aldershot Band
March 6, 2023
Tyler Lorette
March 7, 2023


ALDERSHOT is a Canadian country band hailing just North of Nashville in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Singer/Songwriter Nick Baha and Lead Guitarist/Writer Will Li formed Aldershot when the two discovered their shared love for vintage twang and Canadian folk. Steeped in traditions of storytelling, their diverse backgrounds offer new voices to age-old Nashville narratives.

Since forming Aldershot, the band has taken their song writing to the stage and have played shows in collaboration with Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Bell Let’s Talk, Crank Lite Lager, Friday Beers and Coors Banquet. 2022 was quite eventful for the band playing shows at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, The Cameron House, Big Texas Niagara and the Live Oak in Nashville.

Aldershot is currently working with Duncan Coutts of Our Lady Peace and Byron Wong of Zero11Zero on their upcoming Debut EP scheduled for release in 2023.


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