CMAO Membership Survey – Fall 2016 Results

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November 9, 2016
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November 10, 2016

CMAO Membership Survey – Fall 2016 Results

Over the summer period, the Membership Committee decided it was time to look out the window at our neighbourhood and get to know the neighbours a little better. We wanted to encourage a good response rate, so our first-ever Membership Survey was designed to be short and sweet, but allow us to collect some key information.

Many might think that 51 respondents is a bit light, but recognizing that our current membership is just north of 500, simple math makes this a 10% response rate. Sure, we wish it was more, but the direct marketing companies would be popping champagne over a 10% response – they’re used to 4%!

Here’s what we learned:

  • The gender split is 52% male / 48% female.
  • The age group breakout looks like this:

18-24         10%
25-34         21%
35-44         7%
45-54         36%
55-64         24%
65+            2%

We were surprised that the 35-44 demo was so light, but perhaps it’s the most time-challenged group of us and maybe too busy for surveys…?

We asked people about their roles in music. This question allowed respondents to select “all that apply”, so we got some overlap of percentages where people are engaged in more than one field. However, in summary:

  • 68% of respondents indicated they are service providers (Managers, Record Labels, Distributors, Music Publishers, Radio Promoters, Marketing, Publicity, Booking Agents, Event Promoters, Recording Services, etc.)
  • 39% of respondents described themselves as Artists, Musicians or Songwriters.
  • 19% are fans
  • 18% are engaged in Broadcasting, Festivals, Events or Venues

You will notice that the percentages total well above 100% – again, many appear to be active in more than one role.

The Membership Committee has a special interest in measuring the importance of the benefits and initiatives we currently offer.

  1. Benefits: By far, the Health Insurance and Instrument Insurance the CMAO offers rated “Most Important”. But, our discount programs for Bandzoogle, Deerhurst and Horseshoe were still rated “Somewhat Important”.
  2. Initiatives Importance: Respondents were asked to rate the importance of initiatives the CMAO currently undertakes to serve our community.
  • Awards voting rights and the CMAO Awards Show tied at 92% “important” rating each
  • Artist showcasing opportunities and the CMAO newsletter tied at 72%
  • Our annual R2I Conference earned the approval of 64%
  • The CMAO website landed 60%
  • The Artist of the Month feature in the newsletter is important to 52%
  • CMAO regional workshops and seminars scored 46% importance
  • The CMAO facebook page was favoured by 42%

To put this in perspective, many politicians would be ecstatic to see a 42% approval rating, so even the lowest of the list seems to be working for our community.

The last item in the survey asked respondents to write in their comments and/or recommendations. This is where we got some more detailed insight into what people are thinking.

  • The most frequent comments told us that we were doing a good job! We were both surprised and humbled to see this.
  • The next largest response category was requests for more performance, networking and mentoring opportunities.
  • The third most frequent category requested more retail discounts, CMAO shows and “Meet & Greet” events.
  • Also requested: more industry/business seminars, more seminars in small towns, a bigger Awards Show venue, and starting a CMAO Regional Chapter network.

The Board is very pleased to have this information to help guide us. Some of the above are initiatives we are already working on, but are either not fully formed or not yet announced. Happily, we’ve already announced a larger CMAO Awards Show venue: Centennial Hall in London is the site for Sunday, June 11, 2017 – tickets are on sale now at

As always, please don’t wait for the next survey to send us your comments and suggestions at They will invariable help us to serve you better! That being said, we may imbed some single survey-style questions in coming newsletter editions to help us drill down a bit farther.

Many thanks to all who responded!

Brian Allen – Chair, Membership Committee