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CMAO Seminar in Barrie featuring Michelle Wright
January 8, 2014
DemoRama Live in Tillsonburg!
January 8, 2014

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Amy Rose

Travis Mealing put together his annual top ten list of names in the news from Simcoe Country. Making the list were both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, (Gerry Marshall and Stephan Kramp respectively), Adam Dixon, a local hockey hero, and several others in sports, modeling and film making. Also making Mealing’s list was country music singer Amy Rose. To quote the Mirror; “The past year was a significant one for the Midland singer, who was nominated for the Rising Star award at the inaugural Country Music Association of Ontario awards.

She topped that by receiving the Independent Country Music Association award as top emerging artist, and the country entertainer-of-the-year award at the inaugural International Music and Entertainment Association awards. In another career highlight, Rose opened for country superstars Big and Rich at a concert in August.” Congrats Amy!

Country Overtakes Other Genres Insert:

Well it’s official! Country Music has overtaken Classic Rock as the number one genre in America. According to the NPD Group, a global information company, country music has broader cross generation appeal and is growing in popularity. These findings are not only based on radio surveys, but also on what music people are purchasing and what events they are attending. But to be honest, it’s still pretty close. Country moved up 1 percent (to 28%) and Classic Rock dropped 2 percent (to 27%) There was no change in the percentage of Top 40 fans (which remained at 19%). Other genres scoring lesser marks included: 80-90’s Hits, Alternative/Modern/Indie, Oldies, Rap/Hip Hop, R&B, Soft/Adult Pop/Rock and Hard Rock/Metal/Hardcore. To explain this up trend senior vice president of NPD Ross Crupnick said, “It doesn’t hurt that fans of country music, who were always strong CD buyers, are rapidly adopting newer forms of music acquisition and listening options, including digital music downloads and streaming services.” We in the business all know that music genres rise and fall in popularity and this survey is based on information gleaned last year. But none-the-less it bodes well for our format and the advancement of our Canadian and Ontario artists. To read the entire article visit:

Upcoming Deadline. If you’re an artist or a record label and you want to access money to help you complete your project, or to help you mount a tour, then look into the 50th round of the Radio Starmaker Fund. The deadline for applying is February 20th 2014 at 5:00PM EST. As with any funding there is extensive paperwork involved… but one thing’s for sure. If you don’t apply then you won’t get funded. Here’s the deets right from the Starmaker Fund website:

Insert: Item 8 Photo D “Art of Managing Your Career” Graphic, no caption.

The Art of Managing your Career

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is one of over 30 sector councils supported by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). They have recently turned their sights to the self employed artists and cultural workers and have created a resource guide. “The Art of Managing Your Career”. According to their press release it will take you into the specifics of managing a career as a self employed musician. It was written and revised by professionals in the music industry and is meant to provide practical, thoughtful, realistic and frank information. And please note, this is solely about the business side of the industry, not the creative side.

There are three different formats. The E-learning online Package, The PDF Package and the Hardcopy Guide, as well as a special edition for Educators and Trainers in the classroom. Chapters include: The Culture Biz, The Art of Self Promotion, The A to Z of Project Management, Money – Keeping Track, You and The Law. For all the info visit:

Rob Ford and Country Music

Toronto City Limits Next?

What was Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doing in Austin, Texas earlier this year? Having a good time, no doubt. But the Mayor was also liaising with Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and opening a dialogue with that city. Mayor Ford is pursuing a vision that has made Nashville, Austin, Memphis, Las Vegas, Branson and now possibly Toronto a music center in North America. True, Winnipeg has a thriving blues and folk scene. Vancouver has always had a healthy music scene with the many films and television shows shot there. Edmonton, Calgary and Regina are big country focused centers and host the CCMA awards almost every other year. No one can deny that Halifax, Montreal and St. John’s have their own vibrant musical styles and independent star systems. But Toronto is North America’s 4th largest city and Mayor Ford intends to capitalize on that. His visit to Austin was to get a flavour of what they do down there to make ‘music’ drive the city’s tourist trade and elevate its status as a must-see destination. To that purpose the Toronto City Council has endorsed a new Music Industry Advisory Council. The hope is to “broaden the city’s working relationship with the music sector to help ensure we move forward in a direction that best serves its businesses and artists.”

From their press release; the The Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council will discuss opportunities and challenges, exchange ideas, provide input and advice, and develop recommendations to:
– ensure the health, competitiveness and viability of the Toronto music sector
– achieve long-term sustainable economic growth and job creation
– develop, support and showcase talent and help facilitate signature events
– enhance local and global positioning and branding of the city and its music sector
– establish Toronto as a respected global centre of excellence for music, and
– develop positions collaboratively on provincial, national and international issues.

Lofty goals, yes. But the idea is a welcome one. However with Mayor Ford’s present PR problems and an election on the horizon for next October, how much will he be able to achieve? Time and voters will tell. With all this activity there is sure to be some positive trickle down effect on the Ontario music scene. In the meantime here’s who’s been appointed to the Advisory Council:

Independent Artists

  • Jay Douglas – Independent
  • Murray Foster – Independent
  • Amanda Martinez – Independent
  • Miranda Mulholland – Independent
  • Events and Venues
  • Eric Alper – eOne Music Canada
  • Derek Andrews – Luminato Festival
  • Jeff Cohen – Collective Concerts
  • Sari Delmar – Audio Blood
  • Adam Gill – Embrace Presents
  • Jesse Kumagai – Roy Thompson Hall / Massey Hall
  • Mervon Mehta – RC Music
  • Mike Tanner – NXNE
  • Artist and Business Management
  • Jeff Craib – The Feldman Agency
  • Drex Jancar – OVO Sound
  • Andreas Kalogiannides – Kalogiannides Law
  • Rob Lanni / Eric Lawrence – Coalition Music
  • Alexander Mair – Independent
  • Patti-Anne Tarlton – Ticket Master
  • Music Creation
  • Vivian Barclay  – Warner Chappell Canada
  • Mary An Blom – Sony Music
  • Noah Mintz – Lacquer Channel
  • Associations, Organizations
  • Daniel Broome – Toronto Music Association
  • Graham Henderson – Music Canada
  • Che Kothari / Dwane Dixon – The Manifesto
  • Jerry Leibowitz – Radio Starmaker Fund
  • Rodney Murphy – SOCAN
  • Gabriel Radford – Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Music Awards Programs
  • Justin Erdman – Deezer Canada
  • Errol Nazareth – Multimedia Journalist

To read the entire document follow this link: