July 30, 2014

Artist of the Month: Nicole Rayy

Life doesn’t always present us with a clear path or decisions that come easily. In the case of country newcomer Nicole Rayy, she’s had her fair share of proverbial “forks in the road” and hard choices to make, especially when it comes to following her heart. Oakville native Rayy’s childhood was filled with piano and vocal lessons, and her participation in musical theatre and talent shows only managed to further her love for music and performance. She showed early promise, and swiftly developed into a gifted songwriter and performer. As she became older, music became more than an enjoyable activity for Rayy; it eventually became a friend and confidante – somewhere she could place her hopes and fears but still feel safe. Her first hard […]
July 9, 2014

Artist of the Month- Paul Malysa

by Cadence Grace With his hands in many proverbial pots, Paul Malysa knows how to whip up a winning recipe for a lasting career in music. Singing and songwriting has been a lifetime pursuit for Malysa, who continues to write, collaborate and perform regularly. From appearances at CMA Fest and The Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, to various songwriting circles and charitable causes, Malysa lends his voice wherever he can and strikes a chord with the passion and feelings he emotes in his music. His respective 2004 and 2010 independent releases “No More Yellow Lights” and “Above The Fold”, garnered him attention and radio play across Canada, which has led to a burgeoning career and future for this dedicated musician. His song “Take Me There” […]
May 7, 2014

Artist of the Month- Steve Rivers

It’s not just the immense talent he possesses that foretells a positive future for Steve Rivers. Rather, it is the combination of talent, his casual coolness, and his ability to connect with and electrify a crowd that has him perched on the edge of a breakthrough. Originally hailing from Milton, Ontario, Rivers has travelled both Canada and the United States playing and promoting his music, and admits that although his lifestyle logs a lot of miles, it’s all worth it. “I love traveling and meeting new people in towns across North America. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunities to share my music in places I never thought I’d travel to, and then having them become some of my favourite places ever!” A graduate […]
April 2, 2014

Artist of the Month – Billy J White by Cadence Grace

Two albums in two years could be a tiring experience for any artist, but for Billy J White, it’s been a wild and exciting ride that he’s in no rush to get off of. Hot on the heels of his August 2012 release of “Country Drag Strip”, he followed up in January of this year with “Damn Fool Thing To Do” – an evolved sound that has been well supported by a strong team helping him to make the most of this release. With a little bit of quirk, a lot of charm, sweet vocals and some great guitar chops, White is a memorable flavour for your ears and eyes. On “Damn Fool Thing To Do”, he nails the perfect recipe for a career-elevating follow-up, […]
March 6, 2014

Artist of the Month: Emily Reid

by Cadence Grace They say that “life is about the journey,” and in this case, it’s the journey that created a whole new life for Canadian country newcomer Emily Reid. Although you may not have heard of her yet – newcomer might not be the right term for Reid, considering she has spent the last several years in Nashville. Many who head to Music Row have packed it all up in pursuit of their musical dreams, and Reid was in a similar boat, but with one key difference – she was headed to Belmont University to pursue a major in Music Business. The Victoria, B.C. native admits that she had an earnest interest in pursuing the business side of music when she headed down south, […]
February 6, 2014

Artist of the Month – Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel Finds Wings It all started with a text message that lit ablaze the idea of Runaway Angel many months before it took true form. Stacey Zegers texted her longtime friend Cadence Grace to ask how she felt about starting a country music ‘group.’ Cadence and Stacey had both been long time solo artists who met while competing on a CMT Canada reality show. Cadence admits she was largely dismissive of the idea at the time. It would be nearly a year before the stars would align in a way that allowed them to re-approach the idea of a long-term collaboration. By this time, Cadence had spawned a close friendship with Toronto based musician, Ann Chaplin, who she felt would be the perfect fit […]
January 8, 2014

Artist of the Month Mike Butler

by Cadence Grace Like many others before him- it all started with a High School rock band. The magic of jamming with friends and the ease of talking to girls bit Mike Butler hard from the very beginning. Ultimately however, it would be the joy of songwriting and expression which led to a love affair with country music. Like a great book, Mike Butler is a deep and satisfying read when you first meet him. Saving the best secrets for last, with a twist or two along the way that keeps you on your toes, Mike is full of tales about his musical experiences and glows with positivity. He is quietly confident, and when he reaches for the guitar it seems he’s found his perfect […]
December 9, 2013

Artist of the Month – Kaitlin Kozell

By Cadence Grace Close your eyes and imagine the sweet sound of two part harmony – generations apart, but close in tone and warmth. Moving synchronized, the voices ebb and flow around each other, filling the silence of a quiet porch. These simple sounds, of a young Kaitlin and her grandmother Yvonne having an afternoon singalong, mixed with a little bit of watching Leann Rimes on CMT, are what lit the spark for music in Kaitlin Kozell. Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Kaitlin has been singing and writing since she was a young girl. She attended a performing arts high school where she had the opportunity to grow as an often-featured performer at high school talent shows, and even received a bursary for her original composition […]
November 13, 2013

Artist of the Month: Brooklyn Roebuck

by Cadence Grace A culmination of years of exposure, experience and drive, along with a big helping of being a ‘born natural’, is what lies behind the incredible talent that is our November artist of the month- Brooklyn Roebuck. Brooklyn’s small beginnings started in Chatham, Ontario, where she spent many a night surrounded by friends, family and guitars, singing and playing along to their favorite songs. Growing up, Brooklyn braved competition after competition to sharpen and spread word of her musical skills, and it all paid off in 2012 when Brooklyn appeared as a contestant on YTV’s ‘The Next Star’. Her down-to-earth attitude, ability to connect with viewers and fantastic voice helped solidify her spot in history as the ultimate winner of ‘The Next Star’. […]