2012 in Review

CMAO New Board of Directors
September 21, 2012
Demorama is Coming to Ottawa
October 16, 2012

2012 in Review

The Year In Review

Heather Ostertag, President of the CMAO offered up the following report to the membership at the recent September 13th Annual General Meeting.

It is with great pleasure I report to you what has transpired at the Country Music Association of Ontario over the past year.

Your Board of Directors has been working very hard to serve you the membership.

Some highlights that I would like to share with you include:

  1. We have hosted three seminars/DemoRamas.  Specifically they have been held in Tillsonburg, Windsor and London and another one will take place this weekend in Toronto.
  2. The Board of Directors voluntarily set a day aside to participate in a visioning session.  This session proved to be invaluable in terms of setting a tone, direction and plan for the year.  It is expected that another session will take place this upcoming year.
  3.  We previously launched a Founding Sponsors program whereby we offered ten companies/organizations the opportunity to come on board as founding sponsors of the organization.  The program has been so successful, we ended up securing the following eleven founding sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors

  • Rogers Broadcasting

Gold Sponsors

  • Heather Ostertag and Associates
  • Durham Radio Inc
  • Universal Music Group
  • EMI Music Canada

Silver Sponsors

  • Tillsonburg Broadcasting Company Limited
  • Amplus Productions
  • Cerberus Management
  • MDM Recordings Inc
  • Sony Music Canada Inc.

which has generated a total of generated $16,500 in funding.  Our original goal was to raise $10,000.00 So a huge thank you to our founding sponsors.   We are truly appreciative and look forward to an on-going mutually beneficial partnership.  This initiative is now completed and not additional founding sponsors will be considered.

4. As of March 31, 2012, we had signed up more than 500 individuals/groups become members of the organization.  We are especially pleased to announce that the Board of Directors set a policy to invite all CCMA Ontario based Hall of Honor members to become Honorary Lifetime Members of the CMAO.  To date the following 42 legends have accepted our invitation:

¶  John P. Allen

¶  Donna Anderson

¶  LeRoy Anderson

¶  Bill Anderson

¶  Carroll Baker

¶  Joan Besen

¶  Marie Bottrell

¶  Lawanda Brown

¶  Barry Brown

¶  Ted Daigle

¶  Russell DeCarle

¶  Larry Delaney

¶  Dennis Delorme

¶  Cliff Dumas

¶  Brian Ferriman

¶  Keith Glass

¶  Bruce Good

¶  Brian Good

¶  Larry Good

¶  Sheila Hamilton

¶  Dallas Harms

¶  Barry Haugen

¶  Bill Langstroth

¶  Linda LeBlanc

¶  Gordon Lightfoot

¶  Myrna Lorrie

¶  Rob MacArthur

¶  Paul Malysa

¶  Larry Mercey

¶  Lloyd Mercey

¶  Ray Mercey

¶  Ralph Murphy

¶  Anne Murray

¶  Heather Ostertag

¶  Tracey Prescott

¶  Ed Preston

¶  Wayne Rostad

¶  Sam Sniderman

¶  Ron Sparling

¶  Gordie Tapp

¶  Sylvia Tyson

¶  Michelle Wright

5. We re-designed our website and newsletter.  Special thanks to Sandy Graham and her contacts for their hard work and dedication in overseeing this project.

6. The Governance committee has been active with the on-going development of a governance document.  One of the outcomes of the work done is the proposed amendment to the by-laws that has been put in front of you for consideration today.  A special thanks to Brian Allen and Craig Parks for all their due diligence with our by-laws.


7. We have announced our inaugural awards show which will take place in May 2013.  The categories have been selected:

¶  CMAO Female Artist

¶  CMAO Male Artist

¶  CMAO Group or Duo

¶  CMAO Rising Star

¶  CMAO Single of the Year

¶  CMAO Songwriter of the Year

¶  CMAO Album of the Year

¶  CMAO Large Market Radio Station of the Year

¶  CMAO Medium Market Radio Station of the Year

¶  CMAO Award of Excellence

Very shortly we will be providing the nomination forms/process to ensure all eligible artists are given the opportunity to be nominated.  Cathy Faint has agreed to chair this committee and I would be remiss to say that she is nothing less than extraordinary in the work she has done to date on this.  Thank you Cathy.

I would personally like to thank all the members that completed the survey that assisted us in identifying the categories for which we should be giving out our inaugural awards.  It truly was your decision.

8. We are very proud of all the talent that was able to participate in the showcase that we hosted as part of Country Music Week 2011 in Hamilton, Ontario.  We would also like to acknowledge the support and co-operation we received from the CCMA and the Hamilton Host committee in making this event happen.  For all involved it truly was a magical evening that was highly successful.

Thanks to the entire Board for their work on this project and especially to Bruce Good who helped to pull us out of a very challenging dilemma.

The CCMA has provided a grant to us to assist in the development of our website where the members only section is being developed to create many unique opportunities for members to connect with each other. Thanks to Bruce Good for working this out with the CCMA.

We also collaborated with the CCMA on two initiatives they undertook this past year.  One was selecting an artist from Ontario to perform at the British Columbia Country Music Awards.  The other initiative was the selection of an Ontario artist to be part of a national competition, whereby the winner was granted an opportunity to perform as part of Fanfest at Country Music Week 2012 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  While one of our members was not the ultimate winner, we recognize what an important opportunity the CCMA is offering up to our members.  So thank you CCMA, we look forward to an on-going collaborative relationship.

In all the functions we undertake we conduct a survey to get your feedback and know that we are endeavoring to provide all that you are asking us to make available to you.  However, I wish to remind you that we are a volunteer working Board and there is a great deal of work to be done and without the benefit of a paid staff person things can take longer to get done.  It is for this reason, and this reason only that we are held back from providing you even more.

On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors, namely, Anya Wilson, Bruce Good, Brian Allen, Sam Arraj, Craig Parks, Cathy Faint, Sylvia Mason, Sandy Graham, and Julia Train for all their hard work and support.

I would be remiss if I also did not acknowledge Carol Cook who has done the bookkeeping for the CMAO for the past couple years and Marg Misener who acted as recording secretary.  I would also like to thank Barry Haugen, the CMAO’s past president for his on-going passion for what we do at the CMAO.

It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as your President this past year and know that while I am stepping away from serving on the Board of Directors of the CMAO, I will remain active as a volunteer and provide whatever support I can to ensure that the CMAO continues to move forward and help make Ontario Country Music Matter.



Heather Ostertag, C.M.