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September 3, 2014

In The Country with Small Town Pistols

Artist Spotlight: Big Time For The Small Town Pistols Amanda & Tyler Wilkinson – with years of success in country music as The Wilkinsons, along with their dad Steve – have managed to keep the magic going with the country duo they formed called Small Town Pistols. Radio, CMT & Country fans have fallen in love with their new songs: Living On The Outside, Colour Blind, Blame It On The Radio, Anthem Of A Runaway, and their new single, I Only Smoke When I Drink. Small Town Pistols won Album of the Year at the CMAO awards in May 2014. They have been nominated for best group or duo at the CCMAs in September. You transitioned from The Wilkinsons to Small Town Pistols – the […]
April 2, 2014

What Makes A Hit? (Part 1)

Be sure you have learned from others, but not stolen from others. All those who create intellectual property in its many forms would likely be very pleased to create a completely unique work that becomes immensely successful. In reality, most creators engage themselves in rearranging common forms into works that hopefully have enough unique elements to distinguish them from the works of others. But occasionally, we either confront ourselves or are confronted by others with the observation that a song might be a little too close in character to an already established creation. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “All the notes have been played already”. It is how we choose to arrange these notes and their values that will determine our ability to be […]