Message from the President

CMAO Awards! More Performers Confirmed!
March 19, 2013
Country From the Hart by Bill Hart
March 19, 2013

Message from the President

Dear Members:

I want to thank all who submitted nominations and congratulate all those who made it to the first ballot; the response has been spectacular. Please note that the balloting committee worked hard to sort through hundreds of nominations and put in many hours to verify and compile the list.

The first ballot returns were due by March 18, 2013. For all of you who made the first ballot and did not garner enough votes to make the second ballot, please take pride in your accomplishments and keep following your hearts. There are going to be some disappointed members, but do understand that we have maintained an independent and fair process in all of this; I recommend that all of the artists who were nominated come out and celebrate with us!

When the CMAO made the decision to establish the Awards show, we knew that it would be a monumental project due to fact that the organization does not have any full time staff. We understood that there were going to be kinks in the process, which are going to be ironed out for the next awards, but due to the commitment of all the Board of Directors and volunteers, the awards show is shaping up to be a spectacular event. I’m very excited, and looking forward to showing off some of Ontario’s great talent.

For all members and non-members, don’t forget to buy your tickets before we sell out. The show is more than the finalists and winners – there will be performances by a number of names you know and love. As such, this will be a unique evening that will never be seen quite like this again. Once all the performers are announced, ticket sales will ramp up and you might miss out!

To buy your tickets, please go to:  HYPERLINK “” o “blocked::

The following performers have been confirmed as of the date of this newsletter: [to be updated at the release of the newsletter].

Thanks and regards,

Sam Arraj

President, CMAO