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In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Brad James

Tell us about some of the artists that have influenced you and inspired you to pursue a music career.

First and foremost is Keith Urban. I’ve always admired so many aspects of him as an artist. Guitar playing, songwriting, performance. Big Dierks Bentley fan as well. I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times. Also, I think Randy Houser is an under appreciated artist. Great songs, great player, and his live vocals are epic!

What is the most rewarding part of music for you? What is the most challenging?

Having immediate interaction with the audience. Playing my own material and having people enjoy it. So many aspects. Most challenging would be the songwriting. It can be VERY rewarding, but also quite frustrating. You can spend 30 minutes and come up with something great, or spend 3 hours and walk away with 2 lines. You never know what the outcome is going to be.

You play a lot of shows throughout the course of the year at various venues. What do you think makes you an in-demand act?

Most importantly, I think it’s because we love what we do. Not many people get to say that about their “profession” or “career”. Also, we try and keep up to date with material. Not let things get too stale.

What have you learned about songwriting over the years that you can pass on to our readers.

Just keep doing it!! You NEVER know what the universe will give to you that day you’re trying to create magic.

A producer approaches you with the opportunity to record a tribute album to any artist. Who do you choose and why?

Wow…great question. Maybe Dwight Yoakam? Such a cool sound. Quirky style. And Merle…I’ve been listening to a ton of his stuff lately.

Which artist is on your wish list to meet and why?

Keith Urban. Hands down. He’s just been such an inspiration to me throughout my career.

Who would be the ultimate Brad James duet partner and why?

Kasey Musgraves wouldn’t be too bad to spend a couple of days with writing and recording. Can you hook that up for me Dave?!

You’ve put a great band together appropriately named Brad James Band. Tell us a bit about each of them.

Mike Cotton is the drummer. He’s enthusiastic, professional, musical, and funny as hell! Darren LaChance is the lead guitar player. Schooled in country, but can play any genre. So talented. Annette Haas is the bass player. Sings like a bird, has amazing ears for harmonies, and has a knack for keeping us all in line 🙂

Your fans are very devoted and enthusiastic. What message do you have for these fans who come out to your shows and buy your music?

Please keep doing the same thing. And tell your friends and family to come out to a show with you sometime!

Dave Woods is a monthly columnist for the CMAOntario and has been hosting the popular online radio show “In The Country with Dave Woods” since 2009. To hear episodes, please visit and iTunes.


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