In The Country with Dave Woods: Celebrating 8 Years

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March 7, 2017
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In The Country with Dave Woods: Celebrating 8 Years

Celebrating 8 years of In The Country!


“Congratulations Dave on your 8th year Anniversary of In The Country. Your love of country music and your interest in the artist always makes your interviews fun and engaging. I appreciate the time you take to put such a great show together. Here’s to many more years. You’re one of the best.”
– Michelle Wright, award-winning Country artist

“Here’s to In The Country with Dave Woods, celebrating 8 years! So many great stories yet to tell and I am so proud to have been a part of the musical journey. Keep on keepin’ it country, Dave!”
Patricia Conroy, hit songwriter

“Congrats on 8 years of In The Country, Dave! Thank you so much for supporting not only myself and my music but ALL the Canadian country artists. WE couldn’t do it without YOU!”
– Aaron Pritchett, award-winning Country artist

“Dave’s passion for, and support of country music in Canada has made him a familiar and respected figure in the tight-knit country music family. His work ranks him alongside the likes of Larry Delaney and Bill Borgwardt in terms of dedication to the genre.”
– Stephen Adrian Lawrance, songwriter & artist developer

Dave with Aaron Pritchett & Stephen Adrian Lawrance

“Only eight years? Dave, I feel like I can’t remember a time you weren’t bringing us stories and songs. As someone who has been both a guest on your show and a fan of the show, I just want to say congrats and thank you for all you do to promote country music, artists and songwriters: you are an integral part of this wonderful Canadian country music community of ours! Cheers to the last eight years of In The Country, and cheers to the next eight and beyond!”
– Andrea England, singer-songwriter

“Dave Woods is one of the nicest and most genuine people I know. His passion for country music is undeniable. As a listener of In The Country, I always enjoy the way he leads the interview and as an artist manager, I know my artist is in good hands. He mixes valuable information with story-telling and laughter.”
– Johanne Lirette, Artist Manager, MJL Entertainment Inc

Dave with Runaway Angel

“I had the pleasure of being your guest a few years back and I loved talking to you. You are humble, excited, respectful and full of laughter… not to mention the knowledge you have about each artists’ craft and the insight to them as individuals. It shows that you are a passionate music fan! It’s an honour to be your guest and it’s an honour to be your podcast listener. ”
– Jannecke Nielsen Friesen, singer-songwriter

“Dave’s interviews are not just about keeping up with what’s new in music…his genuine curiosity comes from his own profound love of music…you can feel it in the questions.”
– Tara Shannon, singer-songwriter

“In my long country music career, I’ve been fortunate to have been interviewed on radio and TV around the world and I have to say that the many times I’ve been on Dave Woods’ In The Country, both radio and video, are highlights for me. Dave’s research and easy speaking manner make for a completely relaxed and enjoyable experience for the artist and the audience and it shows in the final product. I would say that Dave Woods is a very important part of the Canadian country music family. Carry on Dave!”
– Don Graham, singer-songwriter

Attending a CMAOntario Conference

“Being interviewed by Dave felt like a comfortable fireside chat between two old friends.”
– Chase Stevens, singer-songwriter

“As an International Events Coordinator and representative for professional musicians, I like to keep in the ‘know’ of what’s going on in the music industry. I get real enjoyment out of listening to Dave’s program ‘In The Country’ which features great Canadian country artists. He has such a kind approach in his style of interviewing. He makes the artists feel at ease and gets the best stories out of them.”
– Mary Anne Gazik, International Events Coordinator

Dave with Deric Ruttan

“I can’t remember the first podcast I ever heard from Dave Woods. I just know that it was definitely one of his early ones. He is first and foremost a fan of country music and asks more than just the surface questions. This is what makes Dave’s interviews great to listen to. It seems as we hear Dave, we get to know him, as well as the artist he is talking with. He has a way of making people feel at ease. He has interviewed some of the biggest names and the ones just starting out. They are all treated with the same respect. Congrats on 8 years of In the Country, Dave! Cheers to many more!”
– Linda Heldman, contributing writer/photographer for Canadian Beats

“Thanks so much for having me on your show! I have been a fan and a listener of your show for many years so it was an honour to have you feature my album ‘Where The Heart Remains’ on In The Country. Thanks so much for your support!”
– Glen MacNeil, singer-songwriter

Dave Woods writes a monthly column for the CMA Ontario. You can hear his show In The Country at and at iTunes.


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