Country From The Hart by Bill Hart

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October 16, 2012
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October 16, 2012

Country From The Hart by Bill Hart

Hello Fall!

Seems a little strange to say this out loud, but I really believe I like this season better than Summer. I don’t know, maybe it’s the colours, maybe it’s the sports on TV, maybe it’s just knowing that the population will be sweating less in the cool crisp air!

I also enjoy the fact that all concerts will now be held INDOORS! Not that I don’t enjoy a good old fashioned, beer drinking, stranger high-fiving, outdoor sing along… it’s just that you learn to appreciate assigned seating after watching somebody get hit in the head with a bottle – ah, good times!

Ontario is once again proving to be a hotbed for live performances from heavyweights like Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood as well as Canadians stars Corb Lund, Dallas Smith, & Chad Brownlee.

Now for years, I’ve been begging record labels to get our local acts on the big tours and Sony has done just that. Ottawa’s Kira Isabella is currently travelling across the country with Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes performing in front of tens of thousands of fans.

THAT’S exposure my friends. Even better, you get to create new professional relationships.

Check out this tweet from Carrie Underwood;

‘ Wow! Wow! Wow! Vancouver…you were so amazing! I got to watch @kira_isabella & @HunterHayes tonight! Seriously, both are so talented! ‘

Fans in the States who have no idea who Kira is, now do, thanks to the almost 850,000 Carrie fans that follow her on twitter. Now before you get on my case about how Kira has the backing of a major label, I bring this up to stir the pot and bring up the idea of getting more and more ‘unknowns’ on the road. It’s a simple philosophy! People will buy the tickets for the stars, so why not save money by hiring a hot local act instead of a pricey, already accomplished star?

Sing it with me…..’all we are sayyyying… is give Elyse a chance!’ Go ahead and groan, but I’m sure Elyse Saunders loved it!

Who’s watching the new ABC drama ‘Nashville’?

Since there’s no hockey to enjoy, my TV options are open so I took in the debut episode and was shocked to see two very familiar faces. The open scenes showed the Country music veteran at home getting ready for a show at the Opry, while her husband and her two daughters entered the scene. I paused the show, hit rewind, and OMG was pleasantly shocked to see who those two little girls were! They were none other than Lennon and Maisy Stella, daughters to Whitby Ontario’s husband and wife duo, The Stellas!

How freaking cool is that?

The two internet darlings are now TV stars at only 12 and 8 and it’s worth noting that they were cast well before their rendition of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” went viral on YouTube. As a matter of fact the roles called for a couple of younger characters, but producers changed their minds after hearing the siblings sing! Lennon and Maisy will also have their time to perform, including as part of a talent show in what’s scheduled to be Nashville’s third episode, “Someday You’ll Call My Name.”

Here’s a screen shot;

I predict they’ll be presenting, if not performing at an upcoming CCMA Awards show soon!



Doing a morning show means some seriously early hours.

Announcers across the province open their eyes at the same time as me every morning and most get to work around 4am. Just about every one of my broadcasting peers has access to a number of ball caps because let me tell you, when you get up before the crack of stupid, how you look is not high on your list of priorities.

A serious case of bed head is quickly fixed with my Toronto Maple Leafs cap, and if you shower the night before and go to bed with wet hair, you’ll wake up to something out of Japanese anime! Had one of those days this week, but wasn’t worried because I only had a few things to do after work, including getting the address on my drivers license changed. No big deal; I’ve done it many times before but this time was different. As I showed proof of my new residence, the woman behind the counter said 7 words that made my blood run cold!

‘We need to take a new picture!’

Horrified, I let reality sink in, took off my cap and quickly glanced in the mirror she provided me. (Yeah, I know – she had a mirror!) I looked like Ace Ventura after a night of heavy boozing! It wasn’t pretty!

She showed some compassion and allowed me a few minutes to split to the men’s bathroom to wet down the do, but it didn’t help. I still looked like I just woke up, and the fact you’re not allowed to smile only made it worse!  I pretty much guaranteed a spot in the bad picture Hall of Fame with this one.

If I drink a few beers before my next blog, I may just post it!