Country from the Hart

November 19, 2012
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November 19, 2012

Country from the Hart

“The views expressed here are those of Bill Harts’ and do not necessarily reflect those of the CMAO.”

As you know, (or maybe you didn’t) I’m part of the Jenn & Big Country show on KIX 106 in Kitchener-Waterloo. We have a lot of fun; we don’t hide the fact that we love our beer, our country music, & pull NO punches!

Whatever’s on our minds, we say it, and we want our listeners to know they have the same luxury.

So when we heard that flats are becoming the fashionable thing and heels may be on their way out, we asked; what invention could you live without?

Amongst the responses on our Facebook page was this;

In all fairness I could live without Canadian Country Music with no disrespect to what this station offers. I much prefer the sounds of mainstream American country music that is produced by the big music labels. The sound is more refined and is the type of country music I grew up listening to living in a border town. I spend so much time in my car flipping the radio stations because the Canadian content does not suit my musical tastes although, I do realize the importance of Canadian country music as it sustains part of our culture and economy.

I adore this radio station but will remain faithful to American country music as it is represents my musical preferences. At the same time, I regularly support the country stations across the border online to get my American Country Music fix. I most certainly am not disregarding any musicians featured on this station nor the people who work at this station, BUT this Facebook page is a space that I feel comfortable expressing my opinion as I am a devout listener and a person who regularly participates in the discussions on this page.

I am not intending to be rude nor looking for a backlash from the listeners of this station as there are thousands who do enjoy Canadian Country Music. Please keep in mind this is merely my opinion and it is OK to have your own musical interests and to articulate it in a respectable way.

I will end on a good note by stating that one of the good things this station does in comparison to other country music stations elsewhere is offering Commercial-Free Monday’s. This gives you, Jenn and Big Country a competitive edge against other country music stations because you can pack more country music into the day including that American Country that I enjoy.

Best Regards and keep up the good work.


Did we rake Jessica over the coals? Hell no!

The reality is, she’s echoing the statement made by thousands of others.

How can up and coming Canadian acts compete with accomplished American stars out of Nashville?

Are some artists counting on the CRTC forced mandate of every radio station’s playlist consist of 35% Canadian content to play their songs?

The bottom line is, the majority of Country fans are buying a ticket to see Taylor Swift before spending cash on a Deric Ruttan show which is not a slight to one of the greatest singer-songwriters in NORTH AMERICA!

Radio stations all promote that ‘Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, & Blake Shelton are coming up this hour’ but never ‘Jason Blaine, Small Town Pistols, & Jason McCoy’.

How do you convince people in Windsor to listen to Country 959 and not 995 WYCD in Detroit?

Yes, they’re required to play only 20% Can Con but they’re still competing with a station that can play every top 40 hit and not get punished.

I truly believe that a Canadian singer, in any format has to work harder to sell a CD, get a song on the air, to get some asses in the seats, to flat out make it!

Remember, you don’t have to impress me, its Jessica you have to win over.