Artist of the Month – Runaway Angel

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February 6, 2014
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February 6, 2014

Artist of the Month – Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel Finds Wings
It all started with a text message that lit ablaze the idea of Runaway Angel many months before it took true form. Stacey Zegers texted her longtime friend Cadence Grace to ask how she felt about starting a country music ‘group.’ Cadence and Stacey had both been long time solo artists who met while competing on a CMT Canada reality show. Cadence admits she was largely dismissive of the idea at the time.

It would be nearly a year before the stars would align in a way that allowed them to re-approach the idea of a long-term collaboration. By this time, Cadence had spawned a close friendship with Toronto based musician, Ann Chaplin, who she felt would be the perfect fit to round off a trio.

In the early summer of 2013, the three hung out together for the first time, surrounded by the idyllic peace of an old farm house. They swapped ideas, lyrics and possible band names over several days and came up with a few gems. Their first iTunes release, ‘Our Story’, was spawned during this initial meeting. Landing on iTunes this month, it’s a slick but sweet tune that showcases the originality in each members’ voice, and characterizes the solid blend they’ve found together on paper and behind the mic.

They’re candid when they talk about their shared fears and uncertainties at approaching the idea of forming a group. With so many years of solo experience between them, the girls admit they questioned how it would work. Dealing with harmonies, staging, songwriting, and the dynamics of three different personalities posed many challenges along the way, but all girls agree that maintaining integrity and a strong friendship away from the stage helps them navigate through rough waters.

The girls also mention that their fear was easier to overcome in the realization that they were blessed by each individual member’s unique but perfect fit.

“I often find that this particular combination of individual skills and personality traits has been equally as beneficial to us as the grouping of our musical talents. We each have such different, but useful strengths and assets that it is relieving and exciting. We can achieve so much more together!” says Ann.

Hailing from Deep River, ON, Ann is the admitted ‘good girl’ of the group, but her down to earth good heart and personality is only one part of her charm. Stacey and Cadence agree that her great guitar skills, pitch perfect harmonies, and social media prowess make Ann a key part of daily group operations.

With a history in songwriting and publishing, Cadence has had multiple film and television credits on shows like MTV’s ‘The Hills’ and ‘Degrassi’. She is equipped with an educational background in Music Business, and a back pocket full of experience in songwriting, label operations, and graphic design.

Stacey rounds off the group with an extremely full card of performance and booking experience in addition to her sharp songwriting skills. She has toured all over the world playing her original songs. Her positivity is constant fuel for the group – she spends time delivering anti-bullying talks, and starts the girls’ weekly practice days by leading a group yoga session.

The girls are excited to share their first few songs with the world. Stacey points out that songwriting is a key part of their focus in the group.

“We really want to focus on the song, and just write the best songs we can,” says Stacey. “We want to stop worrying about what other people are doing, or trying to sound more like a certain person or sound and just write what we feel, and write what is great. Our next song, ‘Bad Girl’, which was a co-write between Cadence, Sean Andrews and Alan Frew, is quite different from ‘Our Story’; but both are fantastic, and reveal true sides of us as people and artists.”

The girls are heading to Nashville at the end of January for ten days of writing. In addition to songwriting, their bursts of giggles in between most questions assure the trip will be full of laughs. They are building up material for a full length release and have two more trips planned later in the year, along with an EP release in the spring. There’s sure to be more to come from these talented ladies!

You can find out more about Runaway Angel by joining them online at:
twitter: @runaway_angel
Instagram: @runawayangelmusic