Artist of the Month: River Town Saints

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August 19, 2015
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January 8, 2016

Artist of the Month: River Town Saints

A little bit of perseverance and a lot of talent went a long way for hot new country music group River Town Saints. Lifelong friends Chris Labelle, Chris McComb, Jeremy Bortot, Jordan Potvin and Daniel DiGiacomo have perfected the balance between uplifting melodies, hot hooks and sweet harmonies, and have been garnering widespread and well-deserved attention in short order.

How did 5 friends with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities head from humble beginnings to the verge of breakthrough? It all started with a little hometown heart. In early 2015, when the band began playing shows around their hometown, they were excited by positive responses they received from the crowd. As they continued to build their fan base while growing their high-calibre song catalogue, they would ultimately showcase for Ron Kitchener. With undeniable potential, this showcase resulted in the Ottawa natives becoming the latest act signed to Open Road Recordings – the powerhouse country label that’s paved the path to success for major acts like Dean Brody, Tim Hicks and Madeline Merlo.

In no time, the boys have held their own, sharing stages across the country with major acts like The Road Hammers and Tim Hicks; earning rave reviews from new fans and media along the way. With a fresh blend of country, rock and a twinge of pop, River Town Saints present a polished live show that displays the fun personalities and true depth of talent these five guys possess. With effortless charm, Labelle delivers as the group’s front man, but is well supported by the slick guitars and tight harmonies contributed by all of the band members. Their online presence is extremely strong and the boys do a great job of keeping things fun for the fans, while letting people see inside their daily lives as musicians.

Just weeks after the November 6th release of their debut single, “A little Bit Goes A Long Way,” this group of outgoing and energetic friends has found themselves featured on many “2016 Artists to Watch” lists. Written by fellow Canadians Gavin Slate, Emma-Lee and Carleton Stone, and produced by Slate and David “Dwave” Thomson, “A Little Bit Goes a Long Way” is an infectiously catchy tune that keeps things upbeat and fun. The band is currently making stops across Canada on their first press and radio tour, and looking forward to an exciting new year ahead.

With all the goods to hook the crowds, River Town Saints are a name we’ll be hearing of in the future. Be sure to download their debut single on iTunes, and keep tabs on their journey below: