Artist of the Month: Riki Knox

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July 27, 2015
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January 8, 2016

Artist of the Month: Riki Knox

With as much heart as she has talent, Riki Knox is the embodiment of determination. Knox’s roots run as deeply as her connection to music and she credits that to her father’s decision to raise her and her siblings in a small Ontario farming community. Much like her father’s own childhood, Knox’s was filled with all things outdoors: family and fun on a farm just outside of Port Hope in Elizabethville, Ontario. A singer-songwriter himself, he instilled in Riki a love for the musical greats like Waylon, Johnny, Merle, Patsy and Dolly, along with a little bit of Springsteen and Redding. This combination of grit and guidance helped create a newly rising star that was years of hard work in the making.

Nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2015 CMAO Awards, Riki is building a name for herself in Canadian country – one amazing achievement at a time. 2015 will mark a big year for Knox, who, after years of pursuing music and developing her craft as a writer and performer, will release her debut album “That’s Country Y’all,” in September. Produced by Willie Mack, with many of the songs co-written by him as well, Knox says she found herself “an angel” in the hit writer/producer.

I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Willie. Someone I highly respect in this industry suggested him at a time when I was searching for a producer I could trust; someone who would understand my sound and musical vision. Willie is a triple threat in this business…a killer songwriter, singer and producer. We ended up writing for a few months – songs that really resonated with me – before heading into the studio. Willie helped bring out the best in both me and in my songs during the writing and recording process. I couldn’t be happier with the way every song on this album turned out!”
The debut single from the album “Six Feet Under” has received plenty of positive reviews, and Knox’s personality and talent have made her memorable for Music Directors when she’s on the road visiting radio stations. She even brings her own custom-bottled wine!  Her down-to-earth personality makes her easy to connect with; something that translates into her songs and makes it easy for her to win over fans with every well-crafted word.


When asked which song on the album is her favourite, Knox explains that it’s a hard choice.That’s a tough question… I don’t know that I can pinpoint one song that I would label my ‘favourite.’ Every song on this album holds a piece of my heart or history, and each song landed a spot because it was special in its own unique way.”

From “Too Little Too Late,” an up tempo, emotional song about trying to fix a relationship after the “damage has been done,” to the country lifestyle anthem title track “That’s Country Y’all,” Knox’s life and personality is sewn into the seams of every single note in the songs that make up the album. The track list isn’t set in stone yet, as Knox tries to wade through the stack of true life experiences she’s written into song. She says the final number of tracks will ultimately be a surprise. Knox laughs when she admits it’s a good problem to have when you’ve got “too many good songs to pick from,” and simply hopes that this will mean that a second record is inevitable.

While Knox has gotten comfortable in the studio working on this project, she is certainly no stranger to the stage. Her hard work and incredible pipes have had her grace many a stage, including opening for a few heavyweights like Dallas Smith, Marc Jordan, Carole Pope, Jack DeKeyzer & Justin Hynes. With her album set to release soon, Knox has been busy promoting its release. She recently returned from a trip to Texas where she shot her music video for “Six Feet Under” and visited with sponsor Lane Boots. She will finish work on her album over the next few weeks and will hit stages across the Canada this summer to share her exciting brand of country music.

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