Artist of the Month: Rebekah Stevens

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March 22, 2016
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Artist of the Month: Rebekah Stevens

Whether she’s strumming her guitar or sitting at a piano, it’s clear that Rebekah Stevens is one to watch, as she makes her country music push in Ontario and beyond. A country/pop singer-songwriter from small town Ontario, Rebekah has been putting in the work to make her music heard.

With a start on YouTube, Rebekah has caught the attention of industry (her debut EP was the result of a producer seeing her online) and fans, with the combination of her well-written tracks and her sweet voice. Another video pushed her into the Top 8 in the 2013 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artists Showcase – a stepping stone for multiple Ontario artists (Tebey, Tim Hicks, Runaway Angel) since its inception – allowing Rebekah to perform in front of country fans at one of the biggest country music festivals in Canada.

That debut EP, Here I Am, includes four songs (all co-written with producer Shannon McArthur) that do an excellent job of showcasing her ability to pull listeners into a story and along for the ride, switching gears to get everyone up out of their seats to tap their toes and start a dance party. While we’re on the subject of debuts, Rebekah released Better In The Past to country radio: a Taylor-esque breakup song, and a great first step in a promising career.

It also looks like new music is on the way, with Rebekah teasing us all by posting photos from the studio on her social feeds. We asked her about the timeline for us to hear that new music and Rebekah told us that she doesn’t have a date to promise us yet… but it’s coming soon.

However, she does hope to have a new single to radio soon as a result of her work with Jamie Warren, Carrie DeMaeyer & Thomas Wade. We should all be looking forward to that!

Follow Rebekah through her social media channels to stay up to date on that new music and tour dates near you!