Artist of the Month Mike Butler

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January 8, 2014
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January 8, 2014

Artist of the Month Mike Butler

by Cadence Grace

Like many others before him- it all started with a High School rock band. The magic of jamming with friends and the ease of talking to girls bit Mike Butler hard from the very beginning. Ultimately however, it would be the joy of songwriting and expression which led to a love affair with country music.

Like a great book, Mike Butler is a deep and satisfying read when you first meet him. Saving the best secrets for last, with a twist or two along the way that keeps you on your toes, Mike is full of tales about his musical experiences and glows with positivity. He is quietly confident, and when he reaches for the guitar it seems he’s found his perfect fit.

With great guitar chops and songwriting skills that have landed Mike on NSAI’s “Ones to Watch” List 4 times in the month of December, his naturally smooth voice is the perfect medium for his well crafted messages. His calm demeanor and inviting personality simply add to his well balanced cocktail of likely success.

A regular on the Live Music scene in Toronto, Mike has ben sharpening his skills on stage and paper for quite some time. Citing influences like Brad Paisley, Eric Church and Dean Brody, Mike explains that although he is inspired by many artists, he has never struggled to find his own style and sound.

This year, with a collection of well-written solo tunes and some killer co-writes in hand, Mike Butler approached Doug Romanow at Noble Street Studios. Together they created the crowning piece to Mike’s accomplishments to date- his self-titled debut EP.  The EP has a contemporary feel and is peppered with clever lyrics, cute humor and all kinds of heart.

His live shows are engaging and full of energy, creating a lasting impression with a legion of fans who have been growing steadily since he first burst onto the scene. In 2013 Mike snagged himself a coveted 2nd place spot in the Molson Open Live contest, and has been making some great appearances at Toronto’s  Local Country Bars the Dakota and Boots and Bourbon. You can catch him there at Boots and Bourbon again on January 31st.

Find out more about Mike at

Twitter: @butler_mike
Instagram: @butler_mike