Artist of the Month: Brooklyn Roebuck

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November 13, 2013
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November 13, 2013

Artist of the Month: Brooklyn Roebuck

by Cadence Grace

A culmination of years of exposure, experience and drive, along with a big helping of being a ‘born natural’, is what lies behind the incredible talent that is our November artist of the month- Brooklyn Roebuck.

Brooklyn’s small beginnings started in Chatham, Ontario, where she spent many a night surrounded by friends, family and guitars, singing and playing along to their favorite songs. Growing up, Brooklyn braved competition after competition to sharpen and spread word of her musical skills, and it all paid off in 2012 when Brooklyn appeared as a contestant on YTV’s ‘The Next Star’. Her down-to-earth attitude, ability to connect with viewers and fantastic voice helped solidify her spot in history as the ultimate winner of ‘The Next Star’.

Since her win, Brooklyn’s career has been catapulted to a new level of  notoriety, and at the young age of 16, she is on track to fit as many musical experiences into her lifetime as possible. With three music videos already under her belt, and over 130,000 views on YouTube, Brooklyn has amassed a legion of dedicated fans with powerful voices who have demonstrated their loyalty for this young pop/country crooner.

Her YTV win gave her more than just an edge on the country scene – Brooklyn has enjoyed being able to host multiple “Movie Nights” on YTV, as well as guest starring on the network’s popular series “Life with Boys.” She has hosted YTV’s The Zone, and even interviewed future “The Next Star 6” hopefuls in Toronto.

With so many relatable personality traits, Brooklyn appeals to her fans on many levels. Perhaps it’s her obvious sense of self, or her genuinely sweet personality that makes her fans so endeared to her – but it is most certainly her unique blend of pop and country that makes her highly audibly appealing to the demographic she is expertly marketed to. Locating the popular fine line between pop and country that so many artists struggle to find, Brooklyn finds and rides it all the way to an infectiously enjoyable debut EP titled ‘Storyteller’, now available on iTunes.

Her singles “Lemon and Lime” and “One of These Days” are laden with pop hooks, country instrumentals, and insightfully catchy lyrics that will have you tapping your toes and singing along in no time. Her strong but sweet voice is filled with emotion and energy and her live performances are filled with power, ease and command. Without a doubt, this young artist is poised to carve out a spot for herself on the scene for some time to come.

If you’d like to catch one of Brooklyn’s great live performances, the holiday season offers you two great chances: Brooklyn will perform at the “Sounds of Christmas” show at Capitol Theatre in Chatham, Ontario on December 10th, and for New Years Eve at Central Tavern in Pain Court, ON.

You can follow Brooklyn on Twitter @brooklynroebuck
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