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April 13, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Artist of the Month: Lindsay Broughton

Brooklin’s Lindsay Broughton has been on Ontario country music fans’ radar since her 2013 CMAO Awards win as Rising Star of the Year… and if she hasn’t been on yours, it’s time to change that now.

In the time since that win, the small town girl has been writing, recording, and releasing new country music for fans, and playing it on stages all over the province and beyond. Her energy at those live shows, regardless of the time or place, has consistently showed off her personality and authenticity, helping her connect to her fans. And it’s what brings those fans back to see her again and again, creating that base that every artist needs.

In 2014, Lindsay released her debut album, Take Me There, which helped earn her a 2015 CCMA nomination for Rising Star and introduced coast-to-coast country fans to her music. And now, 2017 is shaping up to be another busy and productive year for Lindsay. Her second full-length album, Runaway Train, was released on March 31. If you haven’t heard it yet, we highly recommend sitting down and listening to the 11 songs presented on the record. Heck, we wouldn’t blame you if you listened two or three times.

Her mix of sassy and slow, sweet and soulful has created an album that is all her own, and will continue her growth as an artist and a performer when she takes the stage to play these new songs. The first single from the album, We Don’t Mix, is an uptempo track that encourages some toe-tapping and shows some of the youth and fun that Lindsay is able to bring to the table.

As an added bonus, track 11 on the album is a wonderful cover of Merry Little Christmas that you can keep ready for the holiday season… after you listen to tracks 1 to 10 this spring, summer and fall!

While we wait to hear about upcoming show dates for this spring, summer and beyond, we trust that Lindsay has something special planned to showcase her music, both new and old, for fans, both new and old.

We’ve been fortunate to follow Lindsay’s journey over the last few years, and we know that there’s a lot more to come for the small town Ontario girl as she pushes forward and moves deeper and deeper into her career and the music that she makes.

We’ll be there to see where it goes. You should come along for the ride.

Want to know more about Lindsay Broughton, and find out what’s coming next? Check out her website and social media channels to track upcoming shows and more!

Facebook: LindsayBroughtonMusic
Twitter: @lindsbroughton
YouTube: Lindsay Broughton
iTunes: Lindsay Broughton

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