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May 20, 2019
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June 17, 2019

Artist of the Month: Alli Walker

Alli Walker made Toronto her home when she was 19 years old and ready to chase her dream. And now, she’s starting to see more and more evidence of that dream coming true.

The release of songs from her upcoming debut album, The Basement Sessions: What I’ve Learned So Far, has taken her to country radio, media outlets all over the landscape, and all signs point to more of the same coming in the near future. None of this happened overnight, of course. Like so many artists before her, Alli’s career is already hundreds of shows and songs deep, as she has worked to hone her craft and find her voice as an artist.

The result of that work and exploration is what Alli Walker calls “Mindful Music and Conscious Country because it’s all about mental health subjects, life’s hard lessons, empowering messages and the tough questions we ask ourselves.” With that, she has a focus on the authenticity and vulnerability that country music allows for, and that we love.

Songs like Fight Till The End, How Your Story Goes, and her newest release, Sunny Day, all offer listeners a chance to get lost in the lyrics, listen to messages, and appreciate the voice and storytelling of this emerging Canadian country musician.

We asked Alli about her plans for more new music, and she told us, “I am putting out one song with a video every month for 10 months, with a final album out in September.” It’s a strategy that allows fans to become familiar with her music, and by the time we get to September and the full album release, we know we’ll be ready for the collection of songs.

As we listen and get more familiar with Alli Walker’s music, it becomes clear to us that it’s also about connections. And in her own words, she saw that too. “I’m not going to lie – being vulnerable is hard. But then I thought… hey, if I’m going through this, what if someone else is too; someone that needs me to come out and say it so that they don’t feel so alone? THAT is what drives me.”

We look forward to more new music from Alli Walker, and the chance to see her perform live across Ontario and beyond. Keep your eyes open for her, and go see her when she is on a stage near you.

Learn more about Alli Walker, and stay up to date with her upcoming shows, behind-the-scenes action, and more, on her website and social media channels!

Website: www.alliwalker.ca
Facebook: alliwalkermusic
Twitter: @alliwalker
Instagram: @alliwalkermusic
YouTube: alliwalkermusic

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