Artist of the Month: Heather Ballentine

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February 3, 2015
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April 4, 2015

Artist of the Month: Heather Ballentine

With the looks of a vintage pin-up girl and the voice of true classic country, Heather Ballentine is truly a treat. Country to the core, Ballentine was raised in Alma, Arkansas. Having served in the armed forces, her father was also the mayor of the town and his influence on her still sticks. “Dad was a military man and really disciplined. He taught me to go after my dreams and pursue everything with a passion.”

More than supportive, her father was an inspiration, especially in music. Heather lovingly recounts her father playing in local bands, and falling in love with the scene. The first time she picked up a guitar she knew it felt right in her hands. Influenced by classic country with a dash of rock and roll, Ballentine cites artists like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Elvis and the Everly Brothers as some of the music that contributed greatly to her own artistic development.

Growing up in a small town meant Heather had to develop her performance skills through whatever opportunities were presented. From musical theatre, pageants, modelling and acting, Ballentine was a bombshell that oozed charisma, and was able to earn enough money through her early pursuits to pay for her attendance at the University of Tulsa. As time passed however, eventually Heather could no longer contain her huge talent in Alma anymore. She headed for LA to pursue her modelling and acting career, where she met several musicians with whom she collaborated and would eventually tour 10 countries with.

Although it was Ballentine’s love of music that took her across the globe, it was her love for her now-husband that had her packing her bags and heading north. In 2011, Heather relocated to Canada to become a wife and settle down… but instead, she found herself on a personal musical journey she wasn’t expecting – but is truly and openly grateful for. “Sean is old-fashioned and is a gentleman, stable and supportive. He is also the reason I am on this wonderful adventure,” recounts Ballentine. She tells the story of how it was her husband who encouraged her to attend a show featuring her musical hero, Pete Anderson. Once at the show, Sean elbowed Heather into introducing herself to Anderson while giving him a copy of some of her tunes. It was a magical moment for all, and ignited the spark that would take Ballentine on a journey to discover her true sound.

After hitting it off with Pete Anderson, Ballentine began working with the Grammy Award-winning producer on developing and defining herself as an artist. Buried somewhere between Classic Country and Big Band, Ballentine delivers something that no one else in today’s industry is exploring. Her definitive and refreshing sound captivates crowds and her dynamic live show is something you’ve never seen. With compelling costumes and a full swing band, Ballentine leaves everything on the stage and nothing to be disappointed about. Her enthusiasm and energy on stage is infectious.

Her debut single, “Needle in a Haystack,” is full of classic nuances that will have you bursting with excitement about the potential this artist has. With blazing steel and crisp vocals, Ballentine delivers a gem of a song and lays the groundwork for a bright future as music’s favourite Pin-Up Girl. Her website is full of blog entries about makeup and fashion, which help transcend her from a calculated brand to someone relatable and real. From head to toe, Ballentine has certainly made it clear that she’s the “needle in a haystack” that the industry has been holding out for.

Don’t miss your chance to see what all the buzz is about; visit Ballentine’s website to stay up to date on the latest and catch a date to see her live!