A Message From the President by Sam Arraj

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December 9, 2013
CMAO Seminar in Barrie featuring Michelle Wright
January 8, 2014

A Message From the President by Sam Arraj

Dear members:

The CMAO is pleased and honoured to have Slaight Music on board for the second straight year as the CMAO awards presenting sponsor. Their leadership and commitment to the country music community is instrumental in the successes of the CMAO awards show and many country music artists.

As a reminder, the 2014 CMAO awards show will be held on May 26, 2014 at the Markham Theatre. The event will be spectacular and extremely entertaining. Tickets are now on sale; visit  www.cmaontario.ca for details. It is important that the country music community continues to support this event, so if you don’t have time to attend, share the news with your friends and family.

With Ontario’s ever-changing economy due to globalization, the arts are playing a key role in providing job growth and adding diversity to our great province. It’s important that country music community supporters embrace this event. If you know an artist, nominate them for an award; if you want to make your voice heard, join the CMAO and vote for an artist; if you know more country music fans, inform them of the event. We are counting on everyone to make this event a great success.

Don’t forget – only CMAO members are eligible to nominate an artist. Also, a regular CMAO membership allows you one vote in the balloting process, while a corporate membership will allow three votes. If you’re not member already, I strongly advise that you join.

We at the CMAO would like to wish everyone a safe Holiday Season: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for the continued support.

Sam Arraj,