A Message From the President

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June 4, 2014
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July 9, 2014

A Message From the President

SamDear members:

Wow! If you haven’t heard, we just completed our 2nd annual awards show. It was an incredible night hosted by one of Ontario’s finest, Jason McCoy. Jason Blaine kicked off the night with his performance of “Friends of Mine”, joined by Deric Ruttan, Jason McCoy and Tebey. Next up was the first of twelve awards of the evening, as winners “got the Boot” – we saw Deric Ruttan take home two Boots, and Tim Hicks, Tebey, Jordan Macintosh and Small Town Pistols receive their first awards ever. To finish it off, the Impact Award was handed off to the legendary Gordon Lightfoot.

My favourite moments were in seeing artists receive their first awards ever. That particularly resonated with me, because it reinforced that the CMAO’s mission is making a difference. Also, it proves that country music in Ontario is as strong as ever and if you’re an Ontario country artist, the CMAO is here to support your growth and help with your success.

I’m extremely lucky to be leading an incredible and passionate team. I’m not sure what it is with the country music community, but people in this community truly believe in supporting each other and want to go out of their way to make a difference. The CMAO is very lucky to have leaders of the country music community as members of the Board of Directors. I want to thank all the people who were involved in making the awards show a success, which includes the CMAO Board of Directors, the volunteers, the artists, the sponsors, country music radio, and everyone who attended the show that evening.

Now that we have completed the awards show, we are back to our business agenda at the CMAO. Don’t forget the Annual General Meeting will be taking place on July 14, 2014. As it is with every CMAO AGM, half the seats on the Board are slated for either re-election or a new occupant. If you are a CMAO member in good standing, you are eligible to elect your Board of Directors. Members, come out and exercise your right to vote.

Also, we are currently planning the CMAO’s first conference, to be held on November 15 and 16. The theme of the conference will be “The Road to Independence”, with a focus on covering the tools and resources necessary for success as an independent artist. As with all of our events, our aim is to provide high quality content for a very affordable fee. Don’t forget to save those dates!

Thank you for all your support.

Sam Arraj, CPA, CA