October 2022

October 12, 2022

Artiste du mois / Artist of the Month: Reney Ray

(English version follows) Récipiendaire du prix de l’artiste francophone de l’année au CMAOntario Awards 2022, Reney Ray est une multi-instrumentiste et auteure-compositrice-interprète à la plume aussi décomplexée que sensible. L’année 2023 s’annonce déjà très occupée pour l’auteur-compositrice de Val-Rita, qui a déjà annoncé 2 nouveaux albums : Un 3e album francophone qui sera intitulé « Dodge Ram van » et un 2e album anglophone nommé « You can call me Ray ». Comme tout ses projets, ces albums seront entièrement réalisés par l’artiste ou co-réalisé avec des réalisateurs de renom, comme Ricky Paquette et John-Anthony Gagnon-Robinette. Son dernier album « À l’ouest du réel » lui a d’ailleurs valu le prix d’Auteur-compositeur de l’année aux Canadian Folk Music Awards. Un talent reconnu à travers l’industrie, puisque […]
October 12, 2022

Ontario’s Country Music Pioneers: Blake Emmons

// by Larry Delaney // (born: August 2, 1944 – Toronto) (#67 in the Ontario Pioneers Series) BLAKE EMMONS is likely best known for hosting the TV series “Funny Farm”, a short-lived (one season-1974) Canadian-produced answer to the long-running Nashville TV show “Hee Haw”. For diehard country music fans, Blake Emmons will also be remembered for a pair of albums – I Wish You Love, released in 1976, and First Flight, a 1983 album on Columbia Records. The debut album, released on Canadian label Condor Records, contained five songs written by Blake Emmons, including his two biggest chart hits: “Let Me Do Something Lord”, which peaked at #9 on the RPM Charts, and the follow-up single “Sunchild”, a Top 30 hit. The album also contained […]
October 12, 2022

In The Country with Dave Woods: One On One With Angelica Appelman

Kitchener’s Angelica Appelman recently released her third single “U-Turn”. The song was written by Angelica along with David Madras. “I love the story we’re telling with ‘U-Turn’ because it feels like such a relatable topic that we hear so often with the current dating landscape. I think this song reminds us to keep hope because it just takes that one person to change your perspective,” says Angelica. “We wrote U-Turn last fall and it was after a summer I spent with someone who treated me so well and had really transformed my mindset on romantic relationships,” explains Angelica. “I wanted to write a song with a more positive outlook about being in the dating scene because I think it is a time where you can […]
October 12, 2022

In The News (October 2022)

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